A Different Kind of Blueprint

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By this point, we can talk for days about our money blueprint, yes? It’s that program we created, or way of being that we’ve grown accustomed to, in relation to money—mostly without us being aware of it. Our money blueprint manifests our financial reality. Like the blueprint of a physical structure, it’s either going to… Read more »

Mission: Critical

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Of all the things that occur in your business, which ones make the most difference? If your top value is revenue, for example, which parts of your business make the most difference toward revenue? Is it lead generation? Is it having a good sales process? Is it knowing how to close and eventually sell the… Read more »

The Real Problem is …

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Last week we explored how sometimes we just need to be able to identify what we’re frustrated at in order to begin addressing it. When there are consistent frustrations in a business, we can usually address them but putting systems in place that minimize inconsistencies and produce more of the results we’re really looking for…. Read more »

Putting a Face on Frustration

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When we get frustrated by our conditions, we inevitably end up becoming frustrated with ourselves. It can take us over and we tend to run with it. It can creep into every aspect of our lives, from how we relate to the people around us, to how it will impact our business. If the frustration… Read more »

Why Did I Start This Business Again??

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I wonder how many would-be entrepreneurs consider—while they’re thinking about running a successful business—that ultimate success means not running that business? Building a business that has you stuck in the middle of it isn’t much better than working for someone else under their terms. It gets to the point where you look up one day… Read more »

Your Business Reflects You

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If someone told you, right before you got out of the gate, “Sixty-three percent of all businesses fail within the first six years,” would you still want to start a business?

That’s the figure according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means most people stand a little bit better than a 50/50 chance of, at minimum, staying above water; we’re not even talking about profitability.

Success Takes More than Skill

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Two hamburger joints open back in ’67 … we’ll call one Bob’s Burger Shack. Great hamburgers! The other shop is McDonalds. The rest is history, yes? Were Mickey D’s burgers really that much better than Bob’s? I mean, really … how hard is it to get a burger right? Even Ray Croc himself admitted this… Read more »

Narrow It Down

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When it comes to generating the momentum of market presence, you want to cast the widest net possible that makes sense to your niche, and then be more discerning about who you’re spending time on later in the process. The top producers, though, have learned to cast a smaller net that catches bigger fish. Chet… Read more »

Experts Say … Be An Expert

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Watch the news and observe the so-called “experts” on the economy or the latest tabloid trial. When you’re the expert, people pay attention to you more and take you up on your words. But what makes them more authoritative on a topic than anyone else? Experience helps and knowledge helps, but the real difference is… Read more »