“If you are willing
to do only what's easy,
life will be hard. But if you're willing
to do what's hard,
life will be easy.”

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Why You Need To Be These 2 Types Of Archetypes If You Want To Reach High Levels Of Success

We all know life is a ride—and one that often has its ups and downs, obstacles and challenges, and periods of pure joy and happiness. Sometimes, though, moments of self-doubt creep in and in those moments we might not feel like doing anything. It’s like our goals and “why” disappears… and everything comes to a standstill. Have you ever felt like this? If so, you may wonder why you’re feeling this way. The truth is, the fact you even notice when you’re feeling this way is a good thing… because at least you’re noticing it. Many people may miss this, read more

Discover 3 Simple Strategies For Creating More Peace, Balance, And Fulfillment In Your Life

We need tune-ups just like our cars. We have all these complex parts and fluids that need realignment, refills, adjustments and tweaks. We have no choice but to be reminded every now and then when we’re not taking proper care of ourselves. Some kind of physical kink in our bodies will let us know. But what happens when our physical bodies show no sign of damage, yet we still aren’t quite settled into a sense of well-being, fulfillment, and pure happiness? The remedy isn’t necessarily success, or money, or love that comes from outside of yourself. Just like anything or read more

11 Principles To Activate Your Millionaire Mind For Success & Financial Freedom

Getting rich and becoming financially free is a dream, but sadly not a reality for the majority of people. If you don’t follow the right formula to study, learn and model the right people, you could be struggling financially your entire life. However, with the right tools, knowledge, attitude, and unwavering amount of “whatever it takes” action, getting rich and becoming financially free are a lot closer than you may think. The infographic below is a collection of some of my favorite “millionaire mindset” principles and sayings that will challenge the way you think about money, wealth, and success, so read more

Can You Be Successful And Be An Amazing Parent At The Same Time? Here’s How…

Today I’m asking a powerful question: how does one become successful and be a good parent? It’s a great question, because we’re either parents OR we’re a child of a parent, and then we get to see what they’ve done or they didn’t do, and what we’ve done—or are not doing. I’m going to outline three simple concepts that have helped me to raise great kids with good morals, and a strong work ethic to boot—all while maintaining a successful business. 1. Avoid choosing between kids and work Let’s start at the beginning. We need to move from the idea read more

The 4 Biggest Time Management Mistakes That Create Stress And Make You Procrastinate

We’ve been getting so much positive feedback from our guest blogs that we decided we would bring in some of the heavy hitters for you! Today I want to introduce you to one of my very good friends who is also one of the world’s most elite experts on time management, becoming an author and success. My friends, time management is crucial to your overall success and happiness. Poor time management leads to stress and overwhelm and in return leads to procrastination on the things you need to do to succeed. Today we have an action-packed guest post by the read more

Discover Why Your Problems Are Caused By The Way You Think

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it?” I believe it was Einstein that first said this. I think this is a very powerful statement, but what exactly does it mean? It means that if you want a new solution, you have to come up with a new way of thinking about that problem. I want to share with you what I believe could be one of the most important things you’ll ever learn – or ever get reminded of – in your entire life. This is critical thinking if read more

Part 2: Study Reveals The #1 Biggest Problem For 87% Of Business Owners. Are You Suffering From It Too?

The first step to change is awareness, so once you can pinpoint the #1 problem in your business, you can quickly and effectively solve it. In this article, Josh Turner, Wall Street Journal bestselling author goes into detail about a study within his company that revealed the #1 biggest problem most businesses have. We had such a GREAT response from Josh’s first article, so we asked him to do another one for you! Over 10,238 people viewed his first lesson, and Jesse and I personally think this one is even BETTER. So ENJOY and make sure you comment below because read more

The Most Simple Statement That Will Transform Your Life

Whether it’s in business, during a meeting, in your personal life, or even a passing comment from an acquaintance –have you ever had someone say something that you took really personally? Of course you have… It’s part of the human condition to perceive the world through our own lens, but unfortunately it’s not always helpful – or accurate. You see everyone is operating in their own world. My lens is different from your lens. Your perspective is different from my perspective. (More about this below but we think very differently). So what do you do when someone freaks out on read more

Why The Old Methods To Get New, Consistent Leads And Customers Don’t Work Anymore And The Proven 5 Step Process That Does

We’re seeing a lot of our students struggle – unnecessarily. There are many common mistakes that people make when it comes to starting, growing and selling a business. We talk about a lot of them in our Million Dollar Business Secrets program but we came across someone who is teaching how to succeed in business in a entirely new way. I thought it would be very valuable and beneficial to get his insights for you. The author is Josh Turner, and he’s a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and the Founder of LinkedSelling, one of the fastest growing coaching and read more

This “Type” Of Person Succeeds No Matter What…Does This Describe You?

What does it mean to be a ‘warrior’? Well, first things first. The warrior, as I teach in my programs, is an archetype and is used in mythology as a model to help us better ourselves. The warrior is a model of inner power. The warrior’s way is the way of action. And to be a warrior, you must not only take action, you must take UNCONDITIONAL ACTION. In other words, if you want to succeed, you will need to become someone who takes action—no matter what. You need to become a “whatever-it-takes” kind of person. Think about a warrior read more

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