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Be Grateful!


Be grateful!

We hear it all the time, at least in a community of fellow seekers who want to grow their financial success building as much as their spiritual peace. Life has its highs and lows, but the one thing that’s the same no matter where we are on the wheel is that there are always many things to be grateful for.

It’s easy to be grateful when it doesn’t really require a ton of effort, like saying “please” or “thank you.” It’s easy to be grateful when things are going great. But what about when things aren’t going quite as planned?

Everyone’s been there. The mind starts going into “what’s wrong,” or what’s not enough, what’s too much to deal with, too much to do in order to overcome an obstacle and reach a goal. In some ways it’s natural, but when it becomes a habit then the pity party is simply a safer choice.

The truth is it takes much more courage to appreciate what we’ve got—no matter how little it may seem—than it is to surrender to the scarcity model and let ourselves off the hook for taking action because something isn’t enough.

Our egos will tell us that if we spend too much time being grateful for what we have, we won’t try to get more, and we’ll become stuck with being “content” instead of happy.

Wanting what we currently have has nothing to do with somehow tricking ourselves into “settling.” Just because you’re buying an economy car now that’s practical but not so hot-looking doesn’t mean you won’t want a Ferrari three years from now when you’re rich. It’s not hard to be grateful for that fact that you have four wheels to drive that gets you where you need to go. There are plenty of people in this world that don’t have that, with consequences we couldn’t imagine.

It’s the lack-based protective mind that continuously hungers for more, like a squirrel hoarding nuts for winter. The scarcity model, constantly looking around, overlooks and discounts what’s right in front of us. We have to constantly remind ourselves to look for “what's right” in our lives instead of “what's wrong.”

Then we’ll be less likely not to forget to show our appreciation to the people who are closest to us; our family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, employees. Then there are teachers, postal workers—all the people that make our daily lives more convenient and enrich our larger communities. And let’s not forget to say “thank you” to the Universe for our many blessings.

Gratitude particularly holds true when it comes to finances. To have abundance, be grateful for and properly manage whatever wealth you have now, even if you don’t think it’s much. Why? If you’re not appreciating what you already have, that means you’re not maximizing what’s available right now. If you can’t do that, why should the Universe believe you can handle more?

Now it’s your turn: Who and what have you not fully appreciated?  What are some of the things that you think we tend to take for granted? Below list the people and things in your life for which you are grateful. Show your appreciation to the people who mean the most to you for all that you have.

For your freedom,


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80 thoughts on “Be Grateful!”

  1. Regina says:

    I was just speaking with a co-worker earlier about this and then I received this message. Wow! the wonders of God! I divorced 6 years ago and I am a single mother and I’ve been struggling to get ahead ever since. I was telling my co-worker that I really have nothing to be sad and discouraged about because I truly have everything I need. A job, an apartment, a car to get around in, etc. etc. and I couldn’t figure out why I felt I needed more. Reading this helped me answer that question. I am making strides daily and I am determine to be happy where I am. I’ve experience worse and I am truly glad to have what I have. Thank you for this lesson.

    1. Janice says:

      I have always be a positive thinker, and a grateful person. It started with my mother who instilled in us to do better and not settle for what, “the multitude” was settling for because we were worth more. She set the tone for hard work and set an example for generosity. She started a fruit stand that grew to one of the best restaurant in Belize. I thank God for her lessons and is passing these lessons on to my children and grandchildren. I am grateful for life lessons from my mother, for living in a country, America, that allows me to achieve more than some others, and be able to share it to those less fortunate. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my blessings with 2 orphanages and a school in Belize, Central America. I am praying that I can do even more as I expand my business as I want to share my blessings globally. I am grateful for thought leaders, who brought to my conscious and expanded on the lessons I’ve learned from my mother. I have learned so much by being a Quantum member, and followers of those associated with Peak Potentials.

  2. Shawn Fletcher says:

    i like this months wisdom, I am thankful for what I have now because if I didnt I would be worse off. But I do want to get rich and maximize my potential, so I dont want to get trapped into settling. thanks

  3. Denise says:

    Thanks for that reminder to be grateful for everything you have! It’s so true & you are a happier person for doing so. Your car example is so true. If it gets you from A – B then that’s great.

  4. Bob E. Spurgeon says:

    There’s an interesting story in the Bible about expressing gratitude despite the conditons. There were about 5,000 people gathered in a secluded place. They didn’t have any food. Jesus asked his desciples if they had any food. They came up with five loaves of bread and a couple of fish. Jesus took the fish and the bread and he looked up into heaven and he thanked God for the fish and the bread, even though it was in no way sufficient to feed the crowd. The fish and the bread multiplied and every person had plenty to eat while there were twelve baskets full of bread fragments left over. What I see from this is, what we bless (through gratitude) is multiplied. The inverse is also true: what we curse (through complaining and ingratitude) multiplies to our detriment.

    1. Mary says:

      Loved the reminder abt the 5 loaves & 2 fish.. May we always remember to thank The Lord for what he hands us!!!!

    2. Jo Vetter says:

      Thank you,Bob, for that excellent reminder. Thank you Harv for your consistent blessings.

    3. Raj says:

      its true we should be always thankful & grateful for whatever presently we have.Thank you for sharing such a wonderful massage from bible..may god bless you

    4. Sam Muya says:

      thanks Harv for the sensitization. the more grateful we are even in the hard circumstances, the happier we are.

      thanks Bob for reminding us of the 2 fish and 5 loaves, you have made it very simple to understand, Jesus looked up and 5hanked our heavenly father for what they only had, they
      were added in multiples

    5. Allyson says:

      I have heard and read that story from the Bible many times but it has taken on a whole new dimension for me, thanks to your comment. It had not occurred to me before that thanking God for that small amount of food seemed to open the floodgates of heaven. Wow!

    6. Rita Richter says:

      Well. said Bob! Great article from Mr. Ekker. Been ever more aware of gratitude for what we presently have. Sharing your comment on my FB, Bob!

  5. Janice says:

    I am grateful for my mother, the way she raised me to be independent and self sufficient. I am grateful for my husband, my two sons,Trevor and Michell, grandaughters Kaiser and Leliani. I am grateful for my brother who saved our family in Hurricane Hattie in 1961 in Belize.I am grateful for living in America, for all that I have and more. I am grateful for you T.Harve, as you have enlightened me in your book, ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ that I continue to share with others, especially young adults. Thank you for the privilege to share this.

  6. Rainy says:

    I am grateful for the blessing of having lived in this apartment for 20 years with subsidized rent. Now that the management has decided that they do not want to participate in this program anymore, we are being forced to move. I know beyond all shadow of a doubt that great things are going to happen in my life even though I do not know what and how they are to come into being. All things shall unfold as it should. And I am grateful for all of it including the stress of not knowing.

    1. David says:

      Rainy, even greater Blessings to Come!!

  7. Heitor Moura says:

    I’m grateful for my job, my family, my wife and my mind, because it is building a business for my life and I have good feeling junt thinking about that, imagine when I put this in action.

    Focus and execution.

  8. richard says:

    I buy into the gratitude thing completely..but I can get a little depressed when I realize I was not grateful in the past for things that are no longer in my life…so the only way to not have any future regrets about what I have today is to be thankful for what I have today..

  9. Rob says:

    Perfect, great post!

  10. Michael says:

    I am so very grateful to my wife, family and friends for everything that they teach me. I am also grateful for every experience and every single moment in my life. Finally, it’s the Love that I receive and share that I am most grateful for.

  11. Phindi says:

    I’m GRATEFULL to be Alive today.Because then I know that God is giving me a chance to do better than yesterday.I’m Gratefull for my Husband who always puts us first,I’m Gratefull for my kids,who love us uncontionally.I’m gratefull for the Blessed brothers and sisters ive got.Im forver Grateful to God for Blessing me with all the business associates who are forever willing to assist me in everything I do.

  12. Paticia says:

    I am grateful for my husband, who is going to be 80 years old on November 10th and I hope we have many more years together. I am also grateful for our health and the wonderful garden we are making at our home. We have four children between us and are so thankful they are healthy and enjoying their lives. They all live away from us and 2 overseas so we are looking forward to seeing them all one day soon. I am so thankful we all have abundant lives.

  13. Ursula says:

    Hi Harv, thank you for sharing this. I always need a reminder because life gets so busy how often I (am particularly guilty) of forgetting those small things that added up to become a big thing. So often getting caught up in something not getting done, forgetting to be grateful for the little things that are being done for me. Thank you again, Ursula

  14. Simeon says:

    I am grateful for a loving wife and for children and grandchildren. Iam grateful that I today turned 60. I am grateful for my job and for shelter and good health. Iam grateful for life. I am grateful for the internet and all the wonderful people I have found on the web like Bob Proctor, T Harv Eker, Lisa ,

  15. REJANE says:


  16. Marla says:

    I am so grateful to my higher power for always ensuring I have what I need, I am grateful for all the money I have now.

  17. Fabrizio says:

    During last week I was thinking about the fact that I am almost I turning 40 and I have done a lot in my life, from dust to sky, and still my mind forces me to think about what I do not have, and this make me feel a sense of void and incompleteness. Reading this month’s story I got confirmation that mind is powerful and I should not trust it. Stay in the heart and always say thank you.

  18. Elisabeth says:

    I’m grateful of all the supporting people around me. I’m grateful for the accomplisments I already made. I’m grateful for the help I get and for the oppurtunities that life gives me. I’m grateful to live my life 🙂

  19. Willy says:

    So true Harv! I am grateful to my parents for having the courage to move us to Canada from Holland even though they did’nt know the language to give us a better life.I’m gratuful for my home, health and business which is continueing to grow.

  20. Jerome says:

    I am Grateful for the health and Prosperity of my Family.

  21. Robert says:

    I am grateful to wake up each day with a purpose in mind and God blessing me with another breath to accomplish what I was put on earth to do. Grateful for my health.

  22. Denise Hoag says:

    In the hard times there can be much to be grateful for. Last year I hurt my back & it scared me a lot. I got back into seriously writing in my gratitude journal. Instead of finding a certain number of things I was grateful for each day (like a list of 10) I kept adding on to each total. So since July 10, 2013 I have had 5075 things I am grateful for! Does that feel rich or what! You are someone I am extremely grateful for. Read your book in 2009, & did the MMI in 2010 & I am listening to you on audio CD again now. Feels like I am learning totally new things each time I listen. In 2010 I was sooo excited to have permission to spend with the play money area of the formula. Now I am more focused on accountability so I guess I am internalizing & learning so much more! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! I remember at Making the Stage you challenged us not to rob the world of our gifts. I’ve always remembered that. I am striving to take action & do that each day.

  23. roy says:

    Thanks Harv. I’ve heard this lesson from many different sources and in different formats however the end result of the message is the same. Giving thanks every day IS important. Spiritually and physically.

  24. Dale says:

    I am grateful to the universe and all that sence that makes a life create from breath to breath, thank you for the touch of love.

  25. Lyuben says:

    Thank you for this reminder! From time to time I forget to be grateful…Really appreciate your post!

  26. salvatore says:

    Thank you Harv ,The gratitude is my mantra!!!!!! i repeat always day!!!!

  27. Ruth Lightner says:

    After 2 bouts of pancreatic cancer & now doing chemo for liver spots I am so grateful to be alive and that God is not done with me yet. I am so blessed with family and friends that pray for me. I am also blessed with all the Karma Krew that help me so I can keep on krewing. They watch over me like mother hens & papa roosters and keep me keeping on. I am grateful for all the people that wrote books and gave seminars so I could learn and make my life so much better. I am just so blessed and appreciative of all I have been given. All of my needs are met and many of my wants are also. Thanx Harv for all you have given the world. Sending all of you lotsa luv, blessings and Angel hugs.

  28. Beatriz says:

    You are great T.Harv Eker! thanks for sharing this amazing words with the rest, sometimes when we are not in a good mood we could forget it, but awesome people like you today remind us! Thanks!

  29. Monica Moberg says:

    I am grateful that I am enough. I am grateful for knowing that what ever I do I will try my best. I am grateful that I am learning new and exciting things everyday. I am grateful to be able to touch people in the manner they can absorb easily. I am grateful for growth, Namaste

  30. Tami says:

    SO many things that I’m thankful for, but at the top of the list is being Mom to two beautiful, strong, intelligent women!!

  31. Ariel Genaro Jawid says:

    I thank God for all the blessings. And you Harv is one of those blessings. Being grateful is an essential part of a Changed thinking.

  32. roger says:

    I am 68 years old i have 7 years drug free after 2 divorce lost everything started over met someone new its been the best years of my life i have very little but i have everything i need i am greatfful for everything i have and the nothing i have im greatful just to be love and peace to everybody thank you

  33. Tatiana Ramirez says:

    I’m so grateful for what I’ve reached, what I’ve learned in the way, for my family and the time we share together, for our home, doing what I like to do and for the opportunity to do even more and better, and grateful that I was able to join the Millionaire Mind community 🙂 Thanks Harv!

  34. Martine Odoyo says:

    I am grateful for having realized that the difficult moments we undergo as human beings on this planet Earth, are just like a bent on the road of which the sooner one realizes this, the better for your financial freedom journey.

  35. Alessandro says:

    I am grateful for my life, my family and the people I met. Thanks Harv

  36. Chrissy_Michelle says:

    I am grateful for my adopted parents. My dad and I are both veterans. So we spent the day together. When we weren’t eating we were shooting photos. My dad shot around 124 photos. I shot 188 photos. I am grateful for my hubby Lance who puts up with with a mild manner and very sharp wit. He make me laugh and makes me frustrated at times. But we don’t fight the normal relationship fight. We are both very smart and we talk about issues that bother us. It is a dream relationship that I love as much as i love Lance! I am also grateful for the growth I have accomplished. I suffer from Borderline Personalty Disorder. That can be and has been for me a very debilitating problem. But with the support of family and friends and the ongoing support of NAMI I am more stable in my life than I have in the past 5 years. What growth to achieve such a wonderful status. Last but not least I am grateful to God for giving me the life and love in my heart that I share with my family and friends

  37. abu michael says:

    sir thanks for the reminder..i am grateful for the job i have..not many people are employed..i was lamenting that my saving capacity is slow you know saving for oportunities…yea that was coined from secret of the millionaire mind..now am very grateful that i actually have a job in the first place and all ripples will smothen out with my new acquired mentality..thanks to your book and this november post

  38. Kim says:

    I am so appreciative and grateful for many things in my life starting with my 3 amazing kids who has been my greatest teachers of patience, changing perspective and reminding me to have more fun. I also appreciate my husband for supporting me in my journey of self discovery so I could come to the realization that I am worth it and deserving of my own love and honour. I also appreciate the mentors and teachers that have opened my mind and heart to new beginnings: Larry Gilman, Jill Kennedy, T Harv Eker, David Wood, Michael Walsh, Allan Newbury, and Dan Fauci. I also appreciate those who have shown me how not to “be in my life” and live a better example than they did. Thanks to the Universe for providing an openness to my own being and I appreciate my own willingness to step into the unknown into a level of enquiry that challenges my beliefs and standards. Namaste

  39. Emilie says:

    i am so greatfull for my family, my friends and my sweet boyfriend.I am greatfull we are all safe and living well! I am greatfull for my store who’s going very well and my career that fullfill me! I am greatfull for my dog Biggiee who share my life for a year now and for the amazing dinner with great friends we had tonight! We are bless and I know it! Thank you so much! xxxxxxxxxx

  40. Susie Howe says:

    I listened to a discussion the other night about contempt without investigation and I realized how grateful I am for my ability to keep an open mind, for my willingness to walk into a room and learn from awesome teachers. I am grateful for my children, for my family and friends, and for all the people I meet and get to interact with. I’m grateful for my vulnerability. Thank you for this topic, I am grateful.

  41. Valentina says:

    I am grateful for:
    1. I am healthy
    2. I live better than 3 billion people (who live with less than 2$/day)
    3. I have a house to live (even if I don’t own it)
    4. I have food, water, clothes, heat, electricity, gas every day
    5. I have graduated an university
    6. I have family and friends
    7. I have the most beautiful daughter (even if she is severely disabled)
    8. My grandparents, who are my second parents and took care of me, they are still alive and healthy
    9. I have computer and internet connection 
    10. I had the opportunity to find out about Harv T. Eker, who helps me to change my life in better, step by step

  42. Mary says:

    I am truly thankful for the fact that I’m unemployed. It has allowed me to be home with my terminally ill husband and take care of him for the last 3 years. I’m thankful that there are organizations like Hospice that help in these situations and keep a watch over both of us and take the load off when it gets too much. I’m especially thankful for the few friends that I have that have the ability to make me laugh when I don’t feel like it. I could go on and on. My circumstances are dire, but there are silver linings everywhere if you look for them.

  43. Annmarie says:

    I am so grateful fully recovered from both my surgery, I am grateful for my children, they are my greatest teachers, I am grateful for my parents because they thought me what not to do. i am grateful for my siblings for showing me not to take anything personal, I am grateful for my accident because i now realized that it slow me down so I can pay attention. i am grateful for Harv for being a part of my life right now > i know that we are meeting even if it is online for a reason. Hopefully we can meet in person. Thank you Thank you thank you.

  44. Nancy Chan says:

    I am grateful that my mom fled China when the Communists came, and I was therefore born an American citizen with access to the educational system here.

  45. Laurie says:

    I found it’s easy to get caught up in having more and keeping up with the people around you. I used to be able to buy what and when I wanted but I have to budget now and sometimes I really want to buy things and then I think do I really need it, who am I trying to impress with it, if I invested that money instead, or will it be more debt? Every day I’m thankful for the beauty I wake up to and how lucky I am. It’s much easier to start the day this way instead of with fear. Who can get anything done when your afraid and feeling like you failed but if I wake up grateful for a new day the possibilities are endless.

  46. Patricia says:

    I totally appreciate the time that you have taken out of your busy schedule to educate me and have given me more knowledge to build on.

  47. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Harv for reminding us to be thankful. I had a challenging period recently in my life, financially and was reminded of how much I had taken everything for granted in the past. I am grateful to God for everything, be it great and challenging, as the Bible says in all things give thanks. My experiences will help me mould a better future.

  48. Kate says:

    Love the “Attitude of Gratitude.” Through additional teachings, I have come to rely on “Rampages of Appreciation” as well. For me, gratitude implies lack. “I am grateful for this roof over my head (because there may be a time when I won’t be so lucky)” vs. “I appreciate this roof over my head.” The difference is subtle but powerful.

  49. Virginie says:

    I am grateful for the loving people around me and the support I receive in my life in many ways, seen and unseen. I realize that even though I am always afraid to lack… money, work or whatever, good opportunities always arrive my way, and I take this opportunity to say that I never lacked of anything ever in my life. On the contrary, I am very blessed with a good health, a loving partner who supports me 100% in all my dreams… and now a baby on its way, at 40 years old… I must also say that I feel super blessed and grateful for all the wonderful growth and learning opportunities that I enjoy in my life. I live in one of the richest country in the world and my life enables me to focus on a healing and spiritual journey that is somewhat reserved to very few of us. I am grateful to be offered the opportunity to do this in this lifetime and have fun doing it.

  50. David M says:

    I am grateful to be available to my wife as she charts her course through breast cancer treatments. Not the path we had chosen, but even here, being grateful is important…for all those small things as well as the big ones!

  51. Sonny says:

    I’m grateful for my family, and the hardships i been through in the past who shaped who i am today! I’m grateful for the guidance that i receive from my father, friends, and most importantly, my relationship with God, and the guidance I receive from that relatioship

  52. Rachid says:

    I’m grateful for everything I have now, my health, being alive, I’m grateful for my friends, I’m grateful for all the money I have now, I’m grateful for my model “Harv” Thank you for being my virtual friend – I’m grateful for being one of your students. Thank for turning on my millionaire mind.

  53. Leo David Pakirdjian says:

    I want to start by saying that I’ve lived a life of financial, social and moral adversity for a big chunk of my life. I’ve seen and heard people do things that I never condoned, and though I’m young – only 20 years old – I am thankful for the challenges I lived through because many times I found myself getting ahead of what life had in stock for me. I’m thankful that these challenges did their part to give me some wear and tear, but as life goes on, I’m glad it gives me room to regenerate myself and consistently up my A+ game’s necessity to show whenever it might be needed. I’m thankful for a supportive mother who’s raised me without a father. Really. Hats off to her. I’m thankful for all the people that have been there to grab us by the hand and pull us up when we were hanging by the cliffside. I’m thankful for all the people who’ve been supportive of my endeavors, but also those who’ve been unsupportive or judgemental. They both double as pretty good fuel. I’m thankful for all the skills I’ve learned and talents I was born with, and I’m thankful that others are born with their own talents and learn their own skills, because I’m thankful that we live in such a rich and diversified world to explore.

  54. Jason Mitchell says:

    I am so grateful that I get to wake up every morning & dedicate my life to a higher purpose. I feel truly blessed that I am able to touch people’s lives & help them to reach their goals & achieve their dreams. I love being able to watch the people around me to succeed & know that I played a part in stretching their vision, touching their hearts & steering them in the right direction to achieve their own higher calling in life. I also feel blessed to be surrounded by such amazing individuals who I am able to learn from. I am truly fortunate to have such wonderful mentors & teachers in my life. I love giving back to the universe by sharing what I have learned from them with others to keep the cycle of giving & receiving flowing freely through me. I am connected with source.

  55. Rebecca says:

    Im glad to recieve this lesson. Life is very hard currently.Im faced with difficulties that are beyond my control, my finances,Ive never been in a love relationship for 4 years now, i experienced loss of assest. Basically by the look of things life is not worth living, its not nice to live. Despite of all that going on in my life, Im greatful to be alive, this gives me hope that this will turn around. Im sure my situation wont remain this way forever. Even in this dark moment, I have a roof over my head. Its a daily struggle to get things done but i never go to bed hungry. God always provides and that gives courage and hope that it will change. And really greatful for my mother, Santy, Nomathemba, and all the people who feel my pain and support me. Im greatful for my health, i could be sick right now because of the stress and pressures of this life but im not. Im greatful for having God buy my side. He protects me and guides me. im also greatful for my kids and their dads who decided to take them and raise the, taking the pressure off my shoulders until I get back up.There’s a lot to be greatful for even in the midst of the storms. im greatful for you Harv you really changed my perception on life. Thank you.

  56. BeautyMoms says:

    Ich bin dankbar für meine Kinder und für die tollen Reisen – die ich schon unternehmen durfte!

  57. Leisiane says:

    Sou extremamente grata a Deus pela a sua infinita misericórdia, mesmo sendo falha, mesmo sendo tão pecadora, Ele a cada dia envia um anjo para me guardar, me dá sabedoria, dirige a minha vida, me dá discernimento daquilo que provém Dele e daquilo que não provem Dele. Até em meus negócios, antes mesmo de faze los, eu dobro os meu joelhos e falo com Deus e peço a Ele que me conduza da forma como agrada a Ele. E Deus me dá a resposta. Em tudo na minha vida sou eternamente grata a Deus. Ele é demais Ele é tudo na minha vida. Compartilhando: Deus falou comigo assim: “Leisiane, prepara te em todas as áreas” e comecei a me preparar, mais e mais e todas as portas foram se abrindo, em algumas houve pedras pelo caminho, mas Ele foi me mostrando que as pedras são para adquirir experiencias. Nos mínimos detalhes Deus cuida de mim, Eu te amo Jesus Cristo, Sou Grata a Ti.

  58. Leisiane says:

    Dr Harv, gostaria muito de conhecer o senhor e participar de uma palestra ministrada pelo senhor. Este ´eo meu pedido de presente de Natal que lhe peço. Obrigada!

  59. don reed says:

    just good people in my life

  60. Virginia Burke-Courchesne says:

    I am grateful for my family and all my friends, health and strength, transport and shelter, food and clothing and all thereis and therein my life I am grateful.

  61. jan says:

    Harv, I have been incredibly grateful for you for a very long time now. You have a wonderful way of approaching life so that you keep it real. I am very grateful for your wit and straight forward approach in my life!

  62. Helen says:

    i am grateful for the way I have been brought up: always look for the chances problems and obstacles provide and you will be happy and successful although times might get hard
    And I am grateful for You!. You give me hints or prove my approach and oppinion. Great! Ty!

  63. Tanner Janesky says:

    There’s nothing like losing everything to make you realize just how much you have. That’s been my experience.

  64. Erwin Hurtado says:

    This is very clearly stated in the Bible. Thank you for explaining it from a different perspective. God Bless You..

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia

  65. Susan says:

    I am grateful for a fabulous year…for the tenacity to complete and publish my first book “Rainbows Over Ruins,” for the arrival of teachers just when I need them, for the many friends I have made on virtual blog tours, for a dream job even as I gravitate toward something that will satisfy me even more, for the awareness that I can choose possibilities rather than defaulting to the negative. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to appreciate life.

  66. Lacides Enrique Orozco Romerin says:


  67. Mark Townsend says:

    We often take the simplest of things for granted, things like being able to turn on a tap (faucet) and get clean, drinkable water, and press a simple switch to turn on lights to illuminate the darkness. I am grateful for these things and for hearing my 6 year old son laugh and watch him read new books with joy and wonderment.

  68. Kornel says:

    I’m simply grateful for everything that happened in my life 🙂

  69. Martine Odoyo says:

    I am grateful for having discovered the mightiest tool in me, (the brain) of which when trained positively, can lead us into our desired destination( financial freedom).

  70. Sandra says:

    I am grateful for life my family and friends and Gods Favor over every area of our lives


    I could not see my submission here. Any idea what happened ?

  72. Nelson Bernardo says:

    I want to say thank you very much for this beautiful and amazing people give me the oputurnity to express my grateful and gratitude. I will be gratefully for the rest of my life. Thank you.

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