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Stop Waiting To Manage Your Money… The Habit Is More Important Than The Amount

At my Millionaire Mind Intensive course, and in part of my book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, I teach a very effective money management method called the JARS system.

Basically, using this system, you split your money up into six different accounts, and you have percentages of your money to put into each account. You can use bank accounts or actual jars.

So what are these jars and what percentage of your income goes into them?

1. Put 55% of your income into NEC or Necessities: rent, food, gas, bills, etc.

2. 10% in Long-Term Savings for Spending, otherwise known as the rainy-day fund. Or maybe there’s a car or some other big-ticket item you want to buy. This fund is your most flexible in terms of what you can do with it, but the intention is to do something with it, or that it be there for that just-in-case scenario.

3. 10% for Play. This is for leisurely expenses including sports, movies, general activity and entertainment. Make to sure to spend ALL your play money each month spoiling yourself!

4. 10% for Education. Books, courses, mentoring, coaching, etc. Always educate yourself.

5. 10% for FFA or Financial Freedom Account. This is for investing or anything that is going to make this portion of your money work for you toward passive income streams.

6. 5% for Giving. It’s spiritually, ethically, and morally sound practice to give a portion of your earnings toward causes that can use the funding to educate or somehow better other people’s lives.

A lot of people say, “I’d love to do that, but I can’t do it because not enough money is coming in” …or “My expenses are too high, there is no way I can do these percentages.”

If you’ve been with me long enough, you know what I’m going to say to that, yes?


Am I saying you have to put $1,000 into your accounts every day? No, I didn’t say that.

How come I’m not suggesting a specific amount but certain percentages? So that every single person, regardless if they’re earning $100,000 a week or $1 dollar a week, can do the system. Yes, if you are earning $1 dollar a week, you can do this system.

The habit is much, much more important than the amount.

I don’t care if you’re managing $100,000, $1,000, $100, $10, $1 or 10 cents. All that matters is you manage whatever money you have.

A lot of you right now are thinking, “I’m not earning a lot of money. I don’t even know how I could do this.”

At the Millionaire Mind Intensive, you’ll hear a story about Michelle Burr. She was broke when she came to the course.

She said the money management portion was the thing that resonated with her. She didn’t know how to manage it, and she didn’t have any money to manage.

What did she do? She took $1 and divided it into nickels, dimes and pennies. She put them into the six different jars I recommend. She had 10 cents to play with, so she went to the store and bought some bubble gum. She read the comic in the bubble gum and laughed. That was as much as she could play with at the time.

She saw that it wasn’t going to be enough, so she made it a point that every week she was going to double the amount she was putting in the jars. The first week she put in $1. The next week she managed $2, and so on and so forth. Twenty weeks later, she was managing $100.

Here’s the thing. The way the universe works is if you manage your money, you will get more. If you mismanage your money, you will not get any more.

The fastest way to do well with money is to manage the money that you have well. Just show the universe you know how to manage $1. Then watch what happens in your life. Miracles do happen.

Don’t give me the BS of, “I don’t have any money to manage.” That’s the way broke people talk.

Fast forward. Let’s see how Michelle is doing today. She is a self-made woman. She never gets a dime from anybody else.

Michelle has made many investments in real estate and other things. Michelle is a multimillionaire today. It wasn’t very long ago she was managing $1.

Don’t give me any bs about how you can’t do this.

Decide right now: are you going to get 6 jars and start managing your money today?

Let us know. Declare your intentions to the universe that you are going to turn your finances around right now and let us know how it’s going. We want to hear from you!

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77 thoughts on “Stop Waiting To Manage Your Money… The Habit Is More Important Than The Amount”

  1. Felix E. Rosario says:

    I will love to learn how to manage my money, teach me and i start this with this friday’s paycheck.

    1. Marco says:

      Hi Felix,
      How to manage money is written in the article as well as in T. Harv Eker’s book “Secrets of Millionaire Mind”.
      As Teresa said you can use some real jars, or real paper, or bank accounts…
      Personally, I use an Excell file, which I created customized on my finance and my situation 🙂 and I kind a “love” using that file ^_^ it tells me which is exactly my situation 😀
      All the best!

    2. servando says:

      Gracias, haremos la práctica

  2. Teresa Howell says:

    Felix, the answer to ‘how’ is in the article above, get some jars (or envelopes, or paper cups or whatever you can find) and label them, then divide up your money with the formula he has above. I’m starting mine today!

  3. Thu says:

    Thanks Mr.T.Harve. I changed myself and use this system everyday after your MMI course. It’s amazing, it’s miracle! Now I have good habit of sending money to FFA every single day. You are a big man. You help us so much with your miracle systems. I want to say “thank you” from my heart!

  4. Viola says:

    I will love to learn how to manage my money, teach me and i start this with this friday’s paycheck.

  5. Christian Trejo says:

    I was the kind of people who used to spend everything to pay the bills and thee debts, thinking that maybe the next income could use it for something different. If I would have learned this money management technique 5 years ago. I think today I would have a big FF jar to create something big. But it is never to late. I started to do this 5 months ago and it is amazing. I am amazing! I just have one doubt…. If someone has debts to pay, should we open another jar for debts to pay or we should just take the money from necessities??? I would love if Harv or his team could answer this. Thanks

    1. Mariana Ferrari says:

      Hi Christian,

      I see nobody answered your question, so I’ll share with you what I learned. The first thing is to PAY YOURSELF, and that would be the money you save in the jars for long term, play time, education, etc.

      The second thing is to pay everybody else (debts, bills, helping others).

      If you are wondering why, it’s because if you leave the money in your bank to pay your bills, you will spend it without realizing how you spent it. If you put it away, you can’t spend it and there is a psychological rule that establishes that each human being has what he/she NEEDS. So, your mind is going to work on how to make more money to meet your necessities, but it doesn’t work as well when it’s money to play or save, etc.

      Try it and let me know! I tried it myself and went from debt to huge savings… and financial freedom!

    2. mishafann says:

      The way I understand it, after doing alot of research, looking for that answer. Giving is your short term savings,your goals for the next 5 years. This is where I’d put debt but some sites put it under long term savings. A few put it under FFA,your investing acct,recommending pay debt before investing which is not paying yourself first.Play with it & use whatever works best for you.

  6. Ewa Zygmunt says:

    I was waiting subconsciously on a post like this one! Thank you <3 I am declaring to get 6 jars and start managing my money from this month on! 🙂

  7. Francesca says:

    I’m very interested in doing this and my next pay cheque is on Friday. However, I believe in tithing to God and that means through giving at church. Although i thought to include this in the ‘Give’ Jar which is 5%, tithes are 10% of your earnings. What are your suggestions?

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Francesca,

      My suggestion is to give 10% as you desire. That’s what I do as well. Thus, I have to live off of 50% or less of my “after tax dollars,” or the money I take home. As we continue to use the system and make more money, we will be able to put less than 50% into Necessities and will have more money to split between the 5 remaining jars.

      Hope this helps!

  8. BargNab says:

    I am so proud that I take knowledge from this man

  9. Eddie Cavazos says:

    I will start managing my money and it starts with this paycheck his Friday

  10. Karina says:

    I just took 6 empty jars out of the pantry and labeled them. I’m solo-parenting and making barely enough to meet necessities. Obviously, I’m doing something wrong. More than ready to learn how to do it right. Thank you.

  11. Sunny says:

    I will start with my very next commission check on Monday. I have no jars. I will use socks!

  12. Jamal says:

    I will not use the excuse that i don’t have enough money to manage anymore I will start today and think rich by managing my money instead of mismanaging it…

    I have a millionaire mind!

  13. Bob Roys says:

    I would love a printable/downloadable version of this to have everywhere I need it to keep this in my mind at all times!

    1. michael says:

      BOB and everyone,a very simple method to use is setting your phone with times for alarm every day at least five times, that reminds you to observe certains new rules, committments, or sing a mantra, works so well, after a while it becomes automatic, this way your mind gets programmed to observe essentials in your day, and you feel how this new routine becomes a center part

  14. Shante says:

    I have tried it before, however not this way…I will try it again

  15. Herschel says:

    I declare I will manage my money. I want the universe to know my intentions and perform miracles for me. I am money and money is me. We are all one. So, if you want money to come your way you need to think about it positively and have great intentions to want money come your way. Harv thank you man. I am creating a bigger container to fit more money in!

  16. Michelle says:

    Fantastic!!! I just love this information, thank you so much.

  17. S P Singh says:

    Wonderful system to follow. Pl also guide how to spend / invest each jar.

  18. Violet says:

    Which jar do you recommend using for debt pay down? Is it best to use the Financial Freedom jar for that until debt is gone, and then begin investing?
    And if we are self-employed, we should put aside a big chunk for taxes before splitting the rest into these jars, correct?

  19. Val says:

    Hello Dear
    I love your articles and now you are coming to Brazil and I will be there. I am much better since I have read your book and I used to have a debt that two years ago I thought it would be impossible to be paid but I did. I am still paying some of them, but they are smaller. A question: when we are in debt what is your % suggestion to divide the money? And should we keep saving the other %? It is pretty difficult to save some money when you know you have some debts to pay. Besides all, now I am already saving some part of my incomes… but at the beginning was pretty difficult and maybe many others have the same question. Thank you

  20. Mary says:

    Thank you for articles like these. You put it out there in easy to understand terms. You are upfront and real, letting people know these principles can be applied by everyone. I will be utilizing these concepts in my life asap. Thank you again for the helpful advice.

  21. Bobby D says:

    I already have 10% committed to a FFA. I can easily set up the other 10% denominations but what if one has a large volume of bad debt to pay off? Would I reduce the 55% down into something smaller to pay off the bad debt?

  22. Natalyn says:

    This makes perfect sense! Now I understand why so many people don’t have any money, including myself! I’ll be implementing this system ASAP! Thank you, Harv!

  23. Bonomaully says:

    The Rich Life Club is really an awesome place you want to be if you really want to become a millionaire.

  24. Fiorenza says:

    After reading your book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, I took 6 envelopes and did exactly what you teach. I’m enjoying a lot, it’s like being a child again. I love it, and I can’t wait in putting money in from my earnings. Thanks a lot, God bless you!

  25. Susan says:

    I have taken the MMI course three times and even started the Jars system. But I haven’t done it consistently. So that is my goal now. Even though I am living on a government pension, I will make this work somehow and become a multi millionaire. Thanks for this reminder, Harv. Your lessons are very valuable.

  26. Lisa Hargrave says:

    The Jars saved my marriage (in addition to making us multi-millionaires).

    When a saver marries a spender conflict is inevitable. The Jars and the rule about us each having a personal share changed everything in our relationship with money and with each other. We used Harv’s percentages so there was no arguing going in and when it comes to spending each jar had its job and we only spend it on that. Ten years later we are still married, actually take vacations, have investments, and have zero debt, investments,and even take vacations.

    Use the jars!!!

  27. Ali says:

    I grew up the eldest of six kids. My parents were very adament that each of us learn how to budget our money. While most kids received a weekly allowance, we received weekly “budget money” and we had to work for it or else we didn’t receive it. My mother made each of us keep a budget book that we made out of small spiral notebooks. Every weekend, she audited every single book. This was during the period when Bandaids came in metal boxes with a hinged top. She saved the bandaid boxes and banded a group of them together for each child, which, of course, meant six sets of boxes. There was a separate box for tithing, savings, miscellaneous, clothing and “board and room.” The balance in each of the boxes had to match what was listed in our budget books or we had to pay our mother a fine. We didn’t always like it, but this was a great lesson for us and one of my brothers even went on to become a CPA! Go Figure! LOL I passed this same lesson down to both of my children. I wish, though, that she had taught us how to budget for investing in ourselves. Nevertheless, I thank both of my parents for instilling this in me.

  28. J says:

    Just what I needed! Thank you?I know the universe has my back,yay me!

  29. Carol says:

    I am going to turn my finances around right now! I am going to manage my money and use Harv’s money management jar system. I am so grateful for this email. Thanks so much,

  30. adlawceo says:

    Thanks. Sir, what if I have debt to pay,do I pay my debt before I divide the money into 6 portions?

    1. T. Harv Eker says:

      You would spilt up your LTSS into 2 parts. One would be debt. When you manage your money you pay the specific % allocated to your debt. This can be 9% of your LTSS or 2%, you decide. Again the amount isn’t important the habit is.

  31. Babalwa says:

    Thank you for the advice. I will start the formula after 3 months, that is when all my debt will paid.

  32. Clarence Gaul II says:

    I just recently start mine up again. I felt off the wagon but I am back.

  33. Susan S. Sizemore says:

    Dear Harv Eker, I signed up, gave you my credit card number, and hit Enter before hitting the Terms & …, so wrote lengthy notes. But have never been confirmed for your class at $249.00, even though I signed up and paid before your deadline. Am I confirmed? And if not, why not? Susan S. Sizemore

    1. T. Harv Eker says:

      Hi Susan, if you want to message support@harveker.com they can assist with whatever you need 🙂

  34. L.Alleman says:

    I declare that from this moment forward I am going to take these actions to begin my road back from lack

  35. Kairira says:

    True,,even in the bible,,it says,,if ur are trust worthy in small,,,u will be trust worthy in big.thank for this article..Harv ur sent frm heaven!

  36. rajni kant says:

    if i am on a home loan where every month i have to pay a certain interest or an installment, from which account should i pay this

    1. T. Harv Eker says:

      that would be necessities this is your MUST HAVE account…Don’t forget you can always cut MUST HAVE’s to save money.

  37. Catalin says:

    T., I have two questions:
    What happens when you eventually start to have more money? It will be impossible to spend 55% in NEC, so I guess the percentages change, so Nec will become maybe 20% and giving goes to, say, 20% also. What is your opinion?
    Second, is it possible to do the same with time? I realize more and more how important of an asset is time. For sure 33% percent goes to sleep and the rest can be managed the same I guess as with money: play time, work time, learning, helping (can be volunteering), all in different percentages. (Wasted time should be somewhere near 0)

    1. T. Harv Eker says:

      I can only answer question 1, but as you make more money your nec % will go down. Then you can choose where you want to add more money too. I would suggest the more you make the more you put towards your FFA account. This will create your freedom and also give you as much time as you desire.

  38. Juanita says:

    Mr. Harve, i appreciate your encouragement that we save, give and and manage our funds. Thank you. I will begin all your suggestions.

  39. Christine Richter says:

    I have your book ,,So denken Millionäre” – Ich kann es nur wärmstens weiter empfehlen, es ist absolut ein Meilenstein so wie alles! Danke!

  40. Dhaval Parmar says:

    I am doing it from today.
    Thank you!

  41. R says:

    I’m gonns start it today!

  42. Simon Chen says:

    Dear Mr. Eker
    Your articles do inspire me so deeply. “If you manage your money, you will get more.” What a great sentence it is. I decide to follow your instruction to start managing my money right now. Actually, about half a year ago I adopted your “Net Worth Tracking Sheet”, I’d seen my assets increased.
    Thank you very much. Thank you.

  43. Nina says:

    I take the commitment to managing your money. In the first period I will have 30% to repay the loan. Little has changed interest only for the first time. Thank you.I live in Ukraine.
    I do not speak English.

  44. dewi says:

    I opened 6 bank accounts and have a jar where I put change in if I have it. I am still on a benefit and earnings of the business are still low, just ticking over. Find it impossible at times to put anything away because of costs for mainly unexpected repair are not leaving anything much to srt aside. So my curve is up, down, up,down, down, down, up what I can put aside. Any advice or experiences from anybody?

  45. David says:

    I did and do jars for years, charity, play, LTSS and FFA. The necessity expenses were covered by the rest. The thing is, I always ended up draining everything when I went broke. I have probably done that four times over the past ten years; stuck in jobs that I was grateful for but did not like; none of which I wanted to start a business doing, so I would carry on as long as I could stand it, and then quit and live off my savings.

  46. Kristi says:

    Thanking God that I am finally listening and he sends teachers like you! Godspeed. I have a millionaire mind!

  47. Cat Payen says:

    Have just emptied out the ‘kitty’, counted the coins and got them into jars accordingly. Thank this will change my habits for sure 🙂

  48. Mary says:

    I have been doing the ‘jars’ system Harv Eker style (I was doing something similar for years before) for about 18 months and it is REALLY working for me. I still have to justify treating myself like going on holidays and stuff to family and friends, simply because they don’t know what I’m doing, but I don’t think I have ever felt more ‘spoilt’ or financially free (even though I still have education debts). I have even started making massive moves in paying off university fees…ITS GREAT!

    1. Dee says:

      I agree! This system works. I used to have bad spending and saving habits. I did not understand how to make money work, I have had a fair amount, but I’ve also had times with little over the years. I remember not being able to afford T Harv Eker’s book, “A Millionaire Mind,” when I first heard about it, sometime in 2011. I literally had no income or funds at the time. Then I came across the book for 10 cents at a used book store not long after. I bought the book and I have followed this system ever since. I love watching my money grow and LOVE the personal “PLAY” account. I try to empty it all each month, but I tend to have money left over in it. It feels as though I have unlimited spending resources! I explained the process to my husband as he would watch me have package after package delivered with “treats” for myself. He said that he did not mind, but I did not want him to think that I was spending “our” money on nice little treats for myself. He did not understand why I was so positive about our financial future. I explained the system in regard to his personal savings (which, at the time, were non-existent), and our joint household funds. Back then, he had an “I’m poor and that’s just the way it is” attitude about himself. Nowadays, he is amazed that we have growing joint savings and he has growing personal savings (of course, I have my own, too!), and he is a better person for understanding how to make money work. I shared this method with my daughter and I have managed to break the cycle of terrible money habits being passed along to her. I feel so proud as she is very much in financial control, which I think each individual ought to be.

  49. Dragana says:

    Mr Eker you are a great person. Thanks for sharing all your articles with us. I will do the same miney managing sistem with my paycheck

  50. Zigi says:

    I’ve a problem with PLAY jar. For me it’s too much to spend on leisure time. I could collect money to go on vacation on the other continent.
    It would be ok but it seems against the rules as it would take a few months
    I’m sort of saver, I’m not young and just don’t have much needs to buy new things.
    On the other hand 10% for rainy funds is too less. I’d had to wait 5 years to buy another car and no vacation here
    What’s you advice Mr. Eker?

  51. Shelly says:

    Does eating at restaurants count under NEC or it is part of the PLAY account?

    1. John P says:

      Hello Shelly, I’m not sure what the ideal category is, however, when I eat at a restaurant, I use my PLAY account.

  52. Chy says:

    Hello! I first attended MMI two years ago in London at age 23. It was the start of an incredible journey for me and opened me up to a whole new realm of possibility for my life.

    Since then I have started and ran a number of businesses but somehow I always got back to broke and now past broke into minus!

    For a long while I put it down to ”i’m just a failure” or ” i’m not meant to have money” . The impact of having bad money management habits has been dis-empowering to say the least, I found myself isolating myself from friends and family, lying and fell into a depression.

    For a long time I have been wanting to change my habits and just haven’t believed I could.

    Today is the day I say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

    There are so many reasons why I could put it off and put it down to ” its not convenient” but I am going to say BS! and focus on the freedom my new money management habits are going to have on my life and self-esteem!!

    God Bless you Mr. Eker and may God Bless all the people who have left comments on the article… They are really encouraging to read!

  53. No exceptions I am starting this right now with the change i have.

    Thank you Sir

  54. Ris says:

    If I have a loan (4 years remaining) that I need to pay which is 82% of my MONTHLY SALARY, how do you think I should start my Jar System. So I only have 18% left for necessity and others?

    Please help.


  55. Denelle says:

    Which jar does retirement go in? or are we supposed to pull money out for retirement and what ever is left over gets put in jars? Thanks!

  56. Jamie says:

    Amazing! I started managing a buck. I told myself every day I would split up a dollar. Done… It was only 3 days later that i felt I could split up $5, so I did. Maybe 3 weeks later, i was splitting up 20’s and that’s where I am right now.

    Since the jar system, i’ve gotten a big new commissioned job (I’m an illustrator), and I was also asked to run catering orders where I currently work, so I get 10percent plus the tip. My wages have increased $200 per week!

    I was looking for a way to fix our family’s finances, and this seems like just the thing. No more fighting over the lack of money? I sure hope so, because that whole thing is a real drag. Thanks Harv!

  57. Preston Lund says:

    I’m doing this! Not sure how it will work spending the money for example in the Play Account. Do online banks let you have multiple separate savings accounts? And do they give you a Debit Card for savings accounts? Or would I have to transfer my Play Account money from that savings account into my checking account to spend say at a high end restaurant?

  58. Chris says:

    I see this hasn’t been answered yet so I’ll ask again. If we are paying down debt, would the FFA be the one to use until the debt is paid off? Or do we cut down on play? What has worked for others?


    1. Tracy says:

      This is what Harv said on line 31 of the post to someone with your question.


      “1. T. Harv Eker says:

      September 24, 2015 at 10:37 am

      You would spilt up your LTSS into 2 parts. One would be debt. When you manage your money you pay the specific % allocated to your debt. This can be 9% of your LTSS or 2%, you decide. Again the amount isn’t important the habit is”.

      Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)

  59. Mych says:

    I’ve used the JARS system for more than 4yrs now. When I first started I could only put $30 into my PLAY and FFF jars. Today my PLAY jar is $X,XXX.
    Money is a habit. If you can change one thing this year do this really really well.

  60. Learner says:

    Hi Guys, I need some advice here. What do you think I should do when I have no enough in the LTSS but have lots in the Education and Necessity account? I also have more than enough in my play account. Should I transfer the education and necessity to fulfill what I want to spend in the LTSS? E.g. On holiday and wedding… please help, thanks!

  61. Sabinne says:

    Where should travels go to? Long term, Necessities or Play? Long term account is not very clear to me. What about gym? Should it come into Play?

    Thank you!

  62. Björn says:

    Thank you very much for this article! I really like it and it helps a lot to get an overview of your spendings. I like it so much that I made a podcast episode about it. 🙂

  63. Isac says:

    Hi! I was wondering which account should be linked to the debit card?

  64. Eve says:


    So 80% goes to my necessities. This is literally paying rent, electricity, water and doesn’t even included credit card debt, gas, or food. Should I just do 80% on necessities and split the remaining 20% in the rest of the jars?

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