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Everything In Life Is A Choice… Choose Wisely

Circumstances never make you happy or unhappy. Circumstances are neutral. They’re always neutral until you step into the picture.

You don’t need to focus on happy. You’re already happy. It’s a given.

Do you focus on having skin? Do you focus on having a hand? Eyes? For those of us who are fortunate to have them, we don’t.

Happiness is no different. It’s a birthright. It’s what the universe intends for us. Look at the beauty of nature in its various shapes and forms and textures, or the awe-inspiring abundance of a universe that we will never literally ever understand. How can beauty and happiness not be at least a part of our birthright (along with the challenges of being human that come with that also)?

It’s natural. It’s God-given. It’s already there within us. What an amazing gift. What would we possibly need to focus on?

Yet, that’s exactly how we make ourselves unhappy.

These are simple, simple things, but most people don’t understand the simple things because they were never taught them. This is a hard thing to do for most people. The biggest obstacle you have to frickin’ overcome is the one that is looking right at you in the mirror. You overcome that, you have no more obstacles.

I have talks with my students. They are reminded of this lesson in real life, we get it, and then we’re good to go, right? Yeah, no, it doesn’t work that way.

I could say the same thing in a different way every month and they’d go, “Oh, yes. Right. Of course!” Even for me, these things are not so easy to implement in every unfolding moment, but I’m here to remind us anyway.

Observe yourself. It’s usually either circumstances or certain people that we allow to agitate us. Then we get into a whole inner discussion about how this person says this, they didn’t do this … how could we not be agitated at that point?

So I guess we’re going to have to do what?

Practice! Practice not allowing things to agitate you. “But Harv, you know what this person just said to me? That is just out of line. They lied to me.”

That’s fine, but do you want to be happy or unhappy? “I want to be happy.” Then let it frickin’ go!

“I have to do business with this person.” No, it’s a choice. You do or you don’t. “They’re my boss, Harv. I have to.”

Really? Show me the gun that they’re holding to your head. Where is it? “There’s no gun, but I need the money.” Okay, so you’re making a choice.

Always remember that. You have the power, not them.

It’s our lives, folks, so let’s all stop the nonsense! I’m not a victim, you’re not a victim. There are no victims here. You choose, literally, every moment of your life. I’m choosing to be sitting at my desk right now. You are choosing to read this wherever you’re reading it. You create your life by the choices that you make.

What are the choices that you’re making?

You are at a certain point in your life, a certain point in your money, a certain point in your business, a certain point in your job, a certain point in your relationship with different people. You have a certain weight. You have a certain health situation.

For better or for worse, you created all that, and if it’s still going on a month from now, you continue to create that. You have created your current life, and you will create your future life.

If you would prefer to have a different life than you have right now, create a different life. You know what that means? It means making new choices.

Choose right now to have a different life, a better life. Ironically, as soon as you figure out that you’ve been focusing on the wrong thing all along–the belief that happiness is out there somewhere, away from whatever inconvenience we’re experiencing in the moment–and that all you really have to do is change some self-defeating habits, happiness all of a sudden starts to find you! In fact, it’s coming out of where it was all along…from within you!!

Tell us what you think. What are some different choices you’re making in your life right now? What don’t you have to “put up with” that you have been putting up with? How did you overcome your worries and fears? Share your stories…we want to hear from you!

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52 thoughts on “Everything In Life Is A Choice… Choose Wisely”

  1. Ray says:

    Love ur posts, when’s the new book lol

  2. Artur says:

    Thanks for reminding me. Great post.

    So let’s focus on the happiness we have inside us, meditate and feel it… and it will be manifested in the outside world… as we will think about our inner happiness in the NOW, feel good, inspired actions will result as well as good feeling manifestations.

    Have a great day!

  3. kepson says:

    thanks. much wisdom in this, gained a lot

  4. Leandro says:

    Awesome post and that’s totally true.

  5. Mario says:

    Todays declaration: I just frickin do it! (nice variation:)

  6. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for another great post!

  7. Kimberly says:

    This is so true I tell my son all the time when he is sad, to choose to be Happy it is his choice to be Happy or sad, and then ask him which would he rather choose? And this is a great reminder for me as well. Thank you!!

  8. Valerie Loizou says:

    Thank you.

    My take on happiness is that It isn’t enough to just tell people they can be happy right now. Most people need step by step instructions on how to do it. Seriously, they do.

    Being happy is like love though. Feelings are hard to teach……they have to be felt, and how do you teach someone to feel something?

    Anyway, I’ve found that happiness is in simple things that are experienced in the moment….. gratitude…..joy in nature…..beauty……aromas………a hobby that pleases……..music……..something for your taste buds…………..moments with a loved one…….. feet on grass……..warm sunshine……..the ocean……….so many things……. or you can just keep complaining about everything that’s wrong in your life……and we all have problems and setbacks but that’s just how life is.

    And anyway, all our problems are lessons that we need to learn, so make it your choice to learn something from them and say thank you.

  9. Tiago says:

    Hello Harv

    I’m from Brazil, I have been following you Harv for 3 years since I have read your book for first time.
    I have a company here in south Brazil that have business with big company and had big business and great revenue. But after some bad choice and one bad business we got a big debts with Bank and forwarders.
    The big debit is affecting my life, I’m depresive with that thinking it is too hard to pay this and maybe impossible.
    I have been tried to change the way I think but it is to hard for me. Problems got me down easily.
    How do you sugest I change this?

    1. Navtej Singh says:

      Hello Tiago,
      I read your post, and think this might help. You said that you had a very good business and now that is not so good anymore.
      I think we all go through our life with such situations. One thing that helps to come out of this depressive state of mind is re-framing how we think.
      Firstly, you have to accept the fact, that YOU ARE NOT YOUR BUSINESS. You created that business.( One thing that most business owners are afflicted with is the impression that they are an extension or part of their business. But the opposite of this is true, that their business is a part of them. YOU create it . YOU are separate from your business. YOU also made the decisions in other words the choices that made your company successful.

      Secondly, now that, (your) business is going through some tough situations, you will have to make certain choices. Some of those choices or decisions will have to be the ones that you don’t like or don’t want to. But you have to recognize the fact that those decisions have to be made.
      I don’t know about your business but one thing that you can do is get in touch with someone that you trust and who is not a part of your business, and get their perspective. Sometimes it helps to get a third party opinion, as long as it is not biased.
      You said that problems get you down easily. Please remember, YOU are BIGGER than your problems. You have the ability to solve them.
      I hope this helps a little bit.

      1. Romar says:

        Wow! Really inspiring. 🙂 Agree. We are all bigger than our problems. Life is telling us something. Teaching us some lessons.

    2. Rodrigo says:

      Sorry to poke my nose, but I think that depression decrease your personal energy and creativity, and are these two factors which will allow you to leave where you are. Good Luck From Chile! (little, poor and unkonwn country, in the end of the world).

      1. Rapa Nu Princess says:

        Rodrigo To me from Northern Europe, Chile is beautiful .I have only been there once it did not seem poor in the cities I visited and the people the culture the food are amazing ,vibrant and colourful. Every thing / place /person has a beauty a uniqueness a gift and special energy to contribute to the world and humanity. Acknowledging this ,seeing this ,loving and appreciating this is what makes us happy. Love things for what they are, don’t despise them for what they are not .Love your beautiful Chile xx

  10. Philip Stone says:

    Thank you, Harv. This really resonates with me. I am fully aware that where I am today is due to my choices, good and not so good. I am 56 now and have the advantage of hindsight. I am more conscious of my choices today. So even though I have to overcome longstanding programming I am making choices that serve me better. The more I do. The more comfortable I am becoming making decision based on what I want, and not what I am afraid might happen.

  11. Dana says:

    Inspiring post, good to remember the happiness is and always has been inside.

  12. Ken Elkind says:

    The choices we make expand well beyond our career choices. As we choose our daily activities to make the social changes we feel are relevent to our happiness as well. How we vote, protest, what we watch, purchase, & our activities, become part of the mega data that’s collected by corps who use this data to create the society that is marketable to their brands. We need to think through all our daily choices.
    We can now choose to Be with our global community, & enjoy our instinct to create music! The global community drum circle is now always available at http://www.groovism.org. Anytime one needs to relax, energize, be purposeful, or just be doing a good thing for our planet!!

  13. Regina says:

    Thank you for the message! We are all messengers. Great reminder to look in the mirror and be truth to myself.
    Whole last week my life felt like crashing. I literally have to deal with my ex again, legal stuff. Yuck. It all felt like killing myself would be the best solution. And this morning you just slammed me with this truth message. How dare you?
    Yes, I am in charge!
    Yes, change it if I don’t like it!
    Yes, to chose always happy me solution!
    Yes, to be grateful no matter what!
    Yes, to me, I am good enough!
    Yes, that to all evil in life it’s not my fault!

    Thank you for your truth!

  14. Elena says:

    Здравствуйте!СЕЙЧАС, чувствовать себя хорошо… полностью поддерживаю Артура.
    Приятного общения.:

  15. I have done a choice one year ago, left my high salary and LOW quality of life (including ethics, respect, professionalism and NO time for my personal life).
    It has been hard, and still is, from the economical side. I am HAPPY inside of me, despite whatever happens in the outside world, the NO’s I am receiving while building an economical stability, etc,
    I FEEL so blessed and rich!!
    Harv, tanks for your lessons that support me on this changing moments!

  16. Trudy says:

    Philip Stone – what a wonderful way you have put it…”The more comfortable I am becoming making decision based on what I want, and not what I am afraid might happen”. That makes total sense to me, and I can see that is what I have done in the past – thank you for shining a light 🙂

  17. Heather Marsten says:

    Two major choices turned my life around. 1) Forgiveness. I was abused as a child and wore that scarlet “A” on my chest for a long time, nursing the hurt I received from my father’s sexual abuse and my mom’s enabling it. When I made the decision to forgive them I was freed. They had already been dead for years before I forgave the, so my unforgiveness kept the hurt alive. Forgiveness was more for me than for them – I no longer carried them around like a lead weight. 2) Thankfulness. When I focus on what I am thankful for, my mood changes. I begin to appreciate all that God has given me and my challenges are temporary, momentary afflictions.

    Thank you for your posts and encouraging teachings.

    1. Andres says:

      Thank you Heather for sharing your past. This is a very emotional post for me, th u again. I went through a child abuse situation too, I was beaten several years from the cradle till adolescent and I’ve been very unhappy all of my life specially when it came to relations. At the age of 42 I attended some coaching courses in Chicago. Fortunately the coach itself was good enought to start from the roots and taugh us that the only way to have success in any field and hope full happiness was getting rid of the negative past live experiences feelings that will automatically transform our inner blocked emotional energy into tons of well being just by using the POWER of forgiveness, something we the Christians have been hearing about all our live but for some reason we don’t usually put into practice anymore. The exercise was to wake up early in the morning , go for a breath-walking hour around my neighborhood focusing ONLY on whatever good aspects the people that hurted me in th past had, thank them for those teachings and after those 7 days exercises actually CALL and THANK them ( yes you’re hearing well) for all the good things they did give me and ask for there forgiveness too !!!!!!. Oh my God, you must be kidding ahaha !!!! Calling and talking to them (???!!!!)… Yes !
      The coaching cost me 600$ and It was, I tell u, the best investment I’ve done in my entire live cause the consequences and transformation you go through is unimaginable, magic exists and miracles too ! Th Hearher and T. Harv, I’m privileged to be part of this fantastic T. Harv Eker LMC coaching program. I love you all, we are a 7,000 million people big family !

  18. Chantal says:

    This is so true! In my experience in my work with other people, we ourselves are our biggest obstacles. Not only the very depressive persons think, that they are a victim of the world, other people, the gouvernment or whatever else.
    As long as I see myself as a victim and the other as a penetrator, it’s merely impossible to change anything. As soon as I allow myself to take another perspective / point of view, I am no longer a “slave” of my own thoughts…
    …and a new choice can be made… Most of us know what we don’t want and hardly ever think of what we really want with all our heart – and we forget that EVERY instant we make choices and decisions – but in which direction?

  19. Gabrielle SI says:

    The thing is separating the message from the messenger..The details, the information, the message held within that choice of a story is us talking to ourselves, so listen and no denial (that long lonnnnng river that tends to catch people up in its dabgerous currents). The emotion is the messenger that delivers in the language each of us choose as “the language of our kingdom” as it were. So one can change that language to joy, happiness (that we know what we need to now, for instance..) or otherwise. As long as that is not used to deny the choices made
    The more I study this man, the more I Love him with his straight NY ways! Thanks for the purrrfect post THE (one and only..!)

  20. Marcia says:

    I choose read it over and over again. I choose be happy always.
    Thanks for this wonderful text.

  21. Vishal says:

    Too often we are busy chasing one thing or another without truly knowing what it is that we need.

    What a great reminder!

    Thanks Harv.



  22. Pat Ford says:

    “We are the choices that we make”. This is a line from the movie ‘The Bridges of Madison County’. I thought that was such a profound statement. Another way of saying that is ‘we become the choices we make.’ If we choose to be happy, we become happy, if we choose to be sad, we become sad. One dear friend said to me once, ” the experience of life is to make us become better, not bitter”. Again, it’s our choice.
    Like many of us, I’ve had many challenges in life; however, I chose to look at the positiveness of life, and have overcome the challenges, I am still growing, still learning and still being an inspiration. Thank you, Harve, for your wisdom….

  23. Stuart says:

    Awesome, thank you for po

  24. Paola says:

    At this point I ‘m making different choices , including an incredible MLM business. I will do whatever it takes to live the life I want to live.

  25. Franklin A. Ojukwu says:

    Thanks, Harv for your message. I have always known that happiness originates from within us, not from without. But sometimes situations can make one depressed, you know? But no matter the difficulty I face, no matter the depression, I know that it is up to me to be happy or sad.

  26. Gloria Perez Vargas says:

    Thank you Harv and Jesse…I choose to be happy and that happiness is within me. Many blessings xx

  27. ‘The habit of happiness is achieved through the attitude of gratitude.’ The fastest way to happiness is through your senses. When you use your senses, you are in the present moment and not in your head. You can SEE the beauty of nature that Harv spoke about and appreciate it. When you have a hot shower, you can FEEL the water and be grateful that you are blessed with hot clean water. When you eat, TASTE your food and be grateful. When you are grateful, you cannot be angry or resentful. You have no choice but be happy 🙂 And in that state, it is easy to make the right choice to support your life. Give it a try!

  28. Jose Velez says:

    Could not agree more. So simple yet so hard to attain for most of us. Living Happy in the now is something that eluded me for so long. I was so focused on the goals I wanted to achieve, that I lost track of being happy right now.

  29. Eileen Yacyno says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Eker for your soothing teachings … your are such a wonderful person. I admire you and I am mesmerized by your charm and intelligence. God bless you and hope to either, read or speak, with you soon. Eileen Yacyno from Pointe des Monts Québec CANADA.

    PS: Do you ever plan to hold a seminar in Montreal or Quebec City one day… I would gladdly volonteer to help you organise and hold it. I you are interested Eileen Yacyno 1-418-589-2792 😉

    PPS: My english is not to good but I will get better soon.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Excellent Harv!

  31. D says:

    While I agree with not being a victim I don’t think you can fully correlate an emotional issue (happy) to a physical issue (hands). Example, if I smash my hand I can be unhappy or I can be unhappy without smashing my hand. My emotional state doesn’t equate to my physical state. The best book I found that describes the difference between the physical and emotional and how to manage emotions is, “The Manual 4 Life.”

  32. Carlos says:

    The most difficult thing about choosing is, that once we make a choice, we automatically stop choosing all the other options. So, whatever you choose, there will be some amount of regret. The proper way to choose would be: do your homework, put all the cards on the table, make your choice, stick to it, carry on regardless of that feeling of fear. It’s just a choice. You can always choose again and correct the way. That’s how even animals find their way home. It’s never a straight line.
    Thanks Harv.

  33. Joy says:

    I choose to be thankful and happy each day.
    I choose to not assess anything.
    I choose to not care what anybody thinks about me.
    I choose to no be a slave of my emotions and feelings or anybody.
    So I have more peace within me and I connect to my soul as often as I can with the first exercise of cosmic recoding® CD. This is like you wrote. The soul guides me.
    What still makes me mad, when somebody tries to suck my energy and I don’t realise it in the first moment.
    My worries and fears I overcome with a special training, which decodes any negative information within my system. I am now a coach for this.
    At the moment I still work my ass of which make me very tired often. Its my first year self employed with 53 years old. I’d like to now if this is “normal”.
    But I like it and I don’t want another way.
    much love and fun

  34. Krisztina says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I recently ended my relationship of almost 2 years and of course self doubt had set in. Did I do the right thing? Your post reminded me that my soul already knows what’s right for me, I just have to make the choice to follow my inner voice. Thank you for the reminder!

  35. Shawn Lim says:

    That is absolutely true. Happiness is a choice and we all have a choice in our life. I got it when you said ‘there’s no gun pointing at my head’. Yea, I make my own choices. And from now on, I choose to be happy and I choose to be rich! Thanks 🙂

  36. Umang Malhotra says:

    Great article !! Really a lot to learn from it.

  37. Eugenie Tan says:

    Thanks Harv for your timely messages. Yes it’s all about making the right choices and I acknowledge the fact that there is no victims here. Whatever happened in our lives is because we allowed them to happen. I take full responsibility and control over my life. God bless and cheers.

  38. Patricia says:

    Hi Harv,

    I love your post. This is a great one about getting on with life and following your purpose and not letting other people’s woes drag you down.

  39. Patrice says:

    True, Harv, just to be aware for every decision, that the choice is ours and not in somebody else hands…

  40. carola kareem lopez zeballos says:

    Dear Harv I dont know where to start . I’m scared

  41. Corinne Howe says:

    I started reading your words last night….and at the perfect moment….my life is a reflecting of my choices….and right now everything is changing…..

  42. samira says:

    hi, thanks harv youre right, i have to create my life and it depends on my choice

  43. Hi Harv, I never thought happiness as a birthright. It changes my perspective when you put it that way. I agree the power of choice is powerful especially in regards to choosing not to be a victim. I have a bad habit of being easily agitated by circumstances but I am learning to be in control of myself and choose happiness. Thanks!

  44. Hey Harv. After the workshop ( Tony Robins) n Hilton Hotel in Sweden, I haven’t stop thinking and meditating about what you said, about how to learn, how to think, take action and all that. Great Post
    Cesar Avila

  45. Елена says:

    Здравствуйте [Харв!Рада вашим сообщениям !Изучаю постоянно вашу книгу .Действительно не все люди имеют просто желание посмотреть вокруг и осознать Величие Вселенной!!!Спасибо… С уважением Е К

  46. Sonja says:

    Thank you for the post. I absolutely love the phrase, EVERYTHING in life is a choice, choose wisely.” In response, “I choose to be happy and I choose to be filled with joy, no matter what!!”

  47. Maureen Gan says:

    there are simple things in life that can make us happy. really – simple things – need not be expensive, grand

    for me – it means cherishing the people that love me.
    in life, I add value to those young people.
    for families – I share with them, what works, what’s good and what’s healthy

    I make a choice to volunteer – to give time. to love the children staying in children’s homes.

    I choose to inspire. to motivate peers project managers

    I stop to listen to sales and exhibition booths to look at products on display

    I had made poor choices before and I have learned from it.

    a person does not live in isolation. I can fully understand that one need to be practical especially in hungry and lean times

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