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Why You Deserve Success, Happiness And Fulfillment Just As Much As Anyone Else

The issue of deservingness comes up pretty consistently when I’m teaching. You hear it in people’s questions that they don’t deserve success, happiness, peace of mind, etc. It comes out in language like, “I wasn’t meant to have (fill-in-the-blank), I guess.”

I don’t know who appointed anyone the one that knows what was meant to be or not meant to be, but they must be God, yes?

Let’s get rid of that language “meant to be” because you don’t know the answer to that question and neither do I. We’re going to let the big guy or the big gal or whatever greater spirit is out there take care of that. That’s not up to us.

My experience is that if we put our intention into something, and we are willing to work for it and do what it takes, it’s going to come about.

Let’s take football for example. Most 5’6” guys are not going to play professional football.

Well, there’s a guy who’s been in the league for several years named Darren Sproles, a 5’6” little speedster who plays running back. I saw a special about him on television that described since he was literally four years old, he was walking around with a football saying, “I’m going to be a football player.” Even though he was one of the smallest guys on every team he was ever on, he was also one of the best guys because he made up for it with his speed, strength, and his determination.

How many times do you think people told him, “No, you’re too small to play professional football”? A lot, but not enough. He never let it get so bad that he ever believed he didn’t deserve what he wanted no matter what other people were saying.

A lack of deservedness is a belief, it’s not a fact, so question it and examine it.

And we get our beliefs from verbal programming: from our parents, teachers, authority figures, or anybody else that said we’re not worthy.

We also get our beliefs from specific incidents that occur in life. Maybe you had a business or marriage that failed. Maybe you had a situation that you really wanted to work out but didn’t. Then we form a belief that, “I’m not worthy. I don’t deserve it anymore.”

The belief that you are not worthy or that you don’t deserve it is complete BS. You agreed with somebody that, “You’re not worthy” or, “You’re not as good as your brother or sister,” or whatever it is, and you bought it.

That’s all a way out to make ourselves feel better about being (or perceiving that we were) invalidated. It’s an “I don’t have to try” pill. “If I don’t do well, I’m okay with it because I’m not worthy anyway.”

If you want to block success; if you want to block your spirit; if you want to block your higher self; if you want to block the pure wisdom and joy and elegance that’s inside of you, well…that’s your business, isn’t it? All you have to do is say, “I’m unworthy,” and it’s over and finished. That gives you a nice excuse for your life, but it doesn’t work to get you what you want, does it?

All beliefs can be changed, and many of them need to be changed. Beliefs are changed with new evidence and new truths.

You can spend about 40 years in therapy trying to change your worthiness and deservedness, or you can just change the ridiculous story that says, “I’m not worthy” to “I am worthy!”

You just make up your mind and say, “I am worthy of the best life possible for myself and my family. I am deserving of all good things.”

Nobody else has that power, just you. You are the one with the pen. You are the one writing the book. You are the one writing the script of your life. It’s you, you and you!

You decided if you’re unworthy. You decide if you’re worthy.

Repeat this aloud, “I hereby decide that I deserve the best in life.”

Say it again. “I hereby decide that I deserve the best in life.”

Now you just do what you need to do to get it done.

Let’s hear from you…what challenges and obstacles have you overcome in spite of the odds? How were you able to shift from undeserving to a life of deservedness?

Share your thoughts, we want to hear from you!

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34 thoughts on “Why You Deserve Success, Happiness And Fulfillment Just As Much As Anyone Else”

  1. Gregory says:

    I suppose that my biggest challenge is that I keep making up that there are so many others out there who are better at languaging what they do. And that they somehow, because they are recognized as an expert, and I am not yet widely recognized, that they are somehow more powerful than I.

  2. John says:

    Thank you, Harv

  3. Roberto Zea says:

    I began to read your book “the millionaire mind”, and many things started to happening… changes in my attitudes, in fact, on my sorroundings… I trust that I deserve all the best in my life.

    Thanks Harv, God bless you

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Love this post and it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I hereby decide that I deserve the best in life!

  5. i deserve the best life ever

  6. Leandro says:

    Nice thoughts Harv, as usual.


  7. David Mueller says:

    Love your stuff. Keep it up. Just what I needed.

  8. Boris Le says:

    No i do not yet. I belive the first goal in my life is to be directionless. Always if i think about success i take a direction away. But if i think about directionlessnes i just take a direction to take advantage of this directionless being and then only i can see clearly i have all of this allready what i ever dreamed for. Sometimes I am successful in this. 🙂 Thank you.

  9. Veera says:

    I deserve more !
    I deserve better !!
    I deserve the best !!!
    Thank you Harv – you make me believe that I do.

  10. Vibe says:

    Tapping (EFT) on deservedness – note to self 🙂

  11. mayowa says:

    Thanks Harv, just what I needed. Total change of mind set. I deserve the best and the best I must become. Thanks my mentor.

  12. brenda says:

    thank you!!
    i deserve to be

  13. Lindsey says:

    Thanks Harv; I heard someone says the other day that we are Not Born to Win and we are Not Born to Lose, We are Born to Choose. So we can choose to be better, we can choose to be successful, we can choose to be happy, we can choose to win and not loose!

  14. Karin Hallen says:

    I am relatively new to your group of readers and I just want to say that it’s really refreshing to read someone speaking with so much common sense and down to earth clarity. It’s much needed. Sometimes, what we need to remind ourselves of the most is the obvious.

  15. David says:

    Thank you Harv!
    Ones my uncle said, your brother was born with a start and you don’t ‘” and for many days I believed it. then I realize that I was born with a start too….
    some times family said things that mark our lives, and we have to analyze the way we think

  16. Dans says:

    My lack of self worth and inability to create healthy boundaries has manifested as a chronic pain disease. I have made massive progress in the last 12 months in regards to healing my past and making changes to my life in order to be able to prioritize my own needs so that I can create the life I want for myself and my children, however the illness is still frequently holding me back. It’s hard not to get discouraged. I do believe in my own worth and my worthiness of all I wish to achieve, I just feel as if my body physically sabotages me and I dont know how to stop this from happening. Either way, I’m not giving up.

    1. maria says:

      Yes, Dan, dont give up! keep healing. this is a teamwork effort> God and Dan!
      Also, keep in mind that in addition to the main thing: faith, a firm belief in your worthiness and how speacial you are, which thankfully you already have, there are other key components to your health! I can think of 4: the way you eat, what and how you breathe, whether you exercise, and how often you laugh (yes, laughter reduces physical pain, it helps to heal, that is fact!)
      Dan, I’m rooting for you!

  17. Good post! Many people don’t even realise that their belief boils down to ‘I’m not worthy’ – in fact they turn it on its head: ‘rich, successful people are greedy, selfish’, ‘must be doing something crooked’, ‘it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God’, ‘you have to suffer for your art’. All these beliefs, and many more, allow you to ‘cop out’ of being successful which is why I work with a 5-step process that I have devised to create deep, inner belief change.
    Yes, decide to believe differently, but first you have to unpack the beliefs you have, bring them out into the sunshine and see what they’re really made of – ‘Did you pack this bag yourself?’ – Probably not!

  18. REZEG JOULANI says:

    I read your book ” The Millionaire Mind”, and it was very good. Now I become a positive person, and trying to influence the others to be so. “What you focus on expands” is the best principle I have ever learned.
    Thank you so much for your efforts.

  19. Zoi Monroy says:

    First of all, Thank you!!! T Harv. I love your energy and love your passion. I am a new entrepreneur I am loving it. There is opportunities everywhere I go.I am moving forward and starting the momentum in my business. I belief in myself more than ever. I going to serve so many people around the world to make the world a better world. I am here to transform people. I am worthy!

  20. chaima says:

    I hereby decide that I deserve the best in life

  21. Derrick says:

    Some very nice words thank you. Sometimes it is very hard to keep going especially when things don’t make sense anymore. It and the world around just seems obsessed with keeping me in a certain place. it sometimes seems easier to to give up or give in. but to give up to give up means i can never have what i truly desire. Dang just when I thought no words could get me going again :). thank you so much

  22. John Dwyer says:

    Thanks Harv
    Faith, Hope, Love.
    “I hereby decide that I deserve the best in life”

  23. jamie says:

    Amen! Thank you once again Harv. You are an incredible giver to humanity! Am studying Secrets of the Millionaire Mind again for about the 4th time and learning heaps every time I do. My old ways of thinking and the way I feel about myself are changing without a doubt!
    I absolutely loved this post and it’s really what I think, is at the basis of my conditioning. That, deep down, I don’t deserve success. …So great to be reminded of how much of a croc that is! I’m very grateful for the empowering affirmation too. I will be repeating it out loud again and again so that it reverberates throughout my whole being.
    Especially loved the paragraph about “blocking” because to tell ourselves we don’t deserve the absolute best in life is not just a block to material or financial success, but really is to block The Spirit, The Higher Self and the Pure Wisdom, Joy and Elegance inside us ALL isn’t it!!
    Many, MANY thanks Harv!!

  24. bishop steve says:

    It is true you cant go beyond your knowledge,your mind will determine how far you can go.The change of mind and attitude opens the door of imposibilitites. Thanks
    bishop steve,kenya

  25. rita proulx says:

    This is the second reinforcement this week I have received. This is the push I need to succeed with my current goals.

  26. heriberto says:

    Pus me doy cuenta que un tiempo crei que necesitaba limitarme de lo que me gustaba para tener mas en un futuro y solo me empobreci, ahora me doy cuenta que simepre debo escoger lo que mas me gusta.

  27. Dale says:

    Thank you Harv Eker and team, “I see” said the blind man

  28. Brigitte says:

    I deserve more in life and I will get it

  29. Renzo Parra says:

    Receive from me a cordial and fraternal greeting Harv, I am from Venezuela, first of all thank you for the way your book became part of my life for the way I transform my way of thinking in various aspects of my life, so I was excited to call him (my bible) hehe, it is a great pleasure to be able to write these emotive words full of love and gratitude and wish him the greatest success for you and your family, a lot of blessings.

    Renzo Parra

  30. Love this post so much that I just reread it to give myself a little boost! I’m working on so many things that I’m really excited about right now…wanted to remind myself that I totally deserve the best in life! We all do!

  31. Ирина says:

    От всей души и всего сердца БЛАГОДАРЮ Вас! Я заслуживаю самого лучшего в моей жизни!

  32. Brian says:

    Back when I was in college (studying graphic design) a lecturer said to told me that “some people have it (creativity) and some don’t. You don’t and you should quit now.” Well, a year later I graduated winning an award for “Designer of the Year” and another award for “Excellence in Design” – because I BELIEVED in myself and knew I could do it. Fast forward 20 years to today, I now run my own business and have a wealth of clients that put a high value on my creativity and how it adds value to their businesses. And I continue to believe that I’m worthy and that I’m excellent at what I do.

  33. Maureen Gan says:

    a question for t. harv at the life makeover coaching program.

    how do i get rid of bad mindsets when it comes to making money ?

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