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Why The Old Methods To Get New, Consistent Leads And Customers Don’t Work Anymore And The Proven 5 Step Process That Does

We’re seeing a lot of our students struggle – unnecessarily. There are many common mistakes that people make when it comes to starting, growing and selling a business. We talk about a lot of them in our Million Dollar Business Secrets program but we came across someone who is teaching how to succeed in business in a entirely new way. I thought it would be very valuable and beneficial to get his insights for you.

The author is Josh Turner, and he’s a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and the Founder of LinkedSelling, one of the fastest growing coaching and consulting businesses in the US (according to the Inc. 500).

At Harv Eker International we often use the term ‘different strokes for different folks’. The reason we use that is because everyone is different and what might work for you might not work for me and vice versa. You never know when one new lesson, strategy, or principle can completely change your life, so keep reading on and enjoy some new learnings from Mr. Josh Turner himself.


Josh TurnerHere’s Why The Old Methods To Get New, Consistent Leads And Customers Don’t Work Anymore And The Proven 5 Step Process That Does
By Josh Turner

We start our businesses because we want to achieve great things. To make a big impact. To make a real mark.

And if you’ve been in business for any amount of time, then you know that if you’re just another rat in the race, your chances of achieving your vision are pretty slim.

Especially in 2017. Business is changing. Everything moves faster, there’s more competition, and everyone’s making as much noise as possible to stand out.

What most people do and why they struggle is because they do the same thing as everyone else. All that does is just add to the noise. They try and use the same tired and old tactics to get new clients and customers and they wonder why their business isn’t going the way they want it to.

The difference between those who thrive and those who don’t are those who don’t join the noise but do something TRULY unique to stand out.

But Josh, “Hasn’t it all been done before?”

Good question! 🙂

Fortunately, there are new and improved ways to do business and get consistent leads and customers and it’s not something that you have to spend a lot (or any) money on.

There’s one way I’ll be talking about in a second that my company has been perfecting for the last couple years. And now after seeing firsthand how it’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs thrive, I realized that this is not just a business system that works.

It’s a real movement. And it’s happening right now as you read this.

Smart business owners all realize the same thing that you already know…

You need to be the leader in your market.

You need to be the authority in your field.

You need to be different and not like everyone else.

And you must stand out!

You must be what I call an AUTHORITY LEADER.

When you’re an Authority Leader, you are the expert in your field – and a leader in your market. Your prospects KNOW it. Your competition knows it, and there’s NOTHING they can do about it.

So here comes the million dollar question…

How do you go about positioning yourself so powerfully?

There are actually two ways.

One is very expensive and takes a long time to see through…

But the other can be done quickly and with very little cost.

The old school way of becoming an Authority Leader was tedious. It was difficult to pull off, and it would cost you a ton of time and money in the process.

You might be familiar with this old school approach: You fork over your hard-earned cash to buy TV ads, hire a PR company, buy yellow page ads – the whole nine yards. And even after all that, it could still take years (if ever) to develop Authority Leader status. For most of us, that’s not even an option.

The internet has broken down many of those barriers. But even the internet has been a bust for a lot of people.

It just hasn’t worked out for a lot of people. I know, because every single day my team and I work with business owners who are skeptical that you can grow your business online… especially with social media.

I get the skepticism. I really do.

But here’s the thing…

It hasn’t been until recently that these social media platforms have matured to the point where your prospects are paying attention to them.

And the 5 step system that I lay out for you in my revised and expanded 2nd edition book “Booked”, is THE best way I know to build your Authority Leader status fast.

It’s the complete opposite of the old school way. In fact, it doesn’t require you to spend ANY money. And it doesn’t take years to develop.

You can literally implement the Booked system in a matter of WEEKS (or days if you really get after it), and you’ll be generating consistent appointments and clients soon thereafter.

The system I teach in my new edition, “Booked” is a proven, time-tested process you can apply on any platform, regardless of where your prospects hang out. I’ll show you how you can make it happen with Facebook and LinkedIn – combined with a powerful email strategy.

Now to get all the details on this 5 step process you can get my free book below, but T. Harv Eker told me to make sure that I made this lesson as valuable as possible for you. So here’s a little sneak peak into what my book entails.

The 5 step process includes…

1. Laying the Foundation

You must build the correct foundation to assure you’re ready to launch and put your best foot forward from day one.

Just like any built structure the foundation is a key element to the sturdiness of the building. The structure is the determining factor of whether it withstands any turbulent times or not.

Once the foundation is built then you will be positioned like a rock star. First impressions are VITAL to your success. You must be sure that your foundation is laid first.

2. Building Your Authority Leadership Platform

The social media platform that you pick is next. How do you pick it? Well think about where your target customer is hanging out.

Is it Facebook or LinkedIn? It takes a bit of time to set up, but once it’s up and running, you won’t need to spend much time on it. The primary focus for this leadership platform is to eventually generate appointments but it’s also great for the secondary purposes of general marketing, brand awareness, content distribution, and getting eyeballs to your website and so on. The main purpose is simply that you are running a Facebook or LinkedIn group, and the positioning that goes with it. Make sure to adjust your profile slightly on both Facebook and/or LinkedIn, to make it clear that you are the founder of your group.

3. Prospecting and Building Your Database

It’s now time to build your database with your ideal prospects and buyers. In my book I’ll show you the most efficient and effective way to pack your prospect database with warm, targeted leads any time you want to, so you can proactively pursue high quality clients every day.

Even if you currently have no list, no following, no nothing…this will work for you. In fact, many of our clients come to us with nothing. And using this process, they are able to create a database of hundreds of targeted, qualified prospective clients in a matter of days.

But here’s a quick tip. If you’re using LinkedIn all you need to do is simply send connection requests to a large number of targeted prospects. You’ll use the advanced people search (LinkedIn’s search tool) to find qualified prospects and send them a connection request. You’ll want to send at least 300 connection requests in the initial database build. If you really want to go all out, you can send up to 1,5000.

The key is including a personalized script in the connection request, which will typically get you 50-70% of prospects to connect with you.

Here’s a simple example of what this script might look like:

Hey First Name,

I came across your profile here on LinkedIn and thought we could benefit from being connected.

Your Name Founder, Your Group Name

Easy right?!

4. Creating Your Messaging Machine

Having a powerful messaging strategy to leverage and convert your database into leads and appointments on a regular basis is crucial to your success.

This is a critical step to getting off what I call, “The Cash Flow Rollercoaster.” This is a system to consistently bring new prospects, leads and clients in the door. Without it, you’ll just be relying on referrals and the old methods that just aren’t working as well anymore. And your business will be stuck in neutral, if not sliding backwards.

Here are a few campaigns we teach our students and you can probably Google to get some ideas for yourself:

• Multi-Touch Point Nurture Campaign
• Referencing a Shared Connection
• Request for Call Right After Connecting
• Re-engaging Existing Connections
• Asking Permission to Send Your Lead Magnet

And so on!

5. Using An Email Blueprint Strategy

This strategy will allow you to integrate what you’ve built on Facebook or LinkedIn and take it up a notch or two, generating an ADDITIONAL 10-20% more appointments.

Over time, this adds up to a significant source of new clients! As the saying goes the money is in the follow up so this is all about having a system to keep you in front of your prospects mind at all times.

And that’s it (in a nutshell). Doable? I know so.

If you’re in a place where you’re not sure where your next client is going to come from, then I highly suggest you pick up a copy of “Booked” right away.

To help as many of you as possible, for the next of couple days you can get my book, “Booked” 100% FREE. It’s normally $12.95, so be sure to grab your copy asap.I’m sharing this system in Booked because I know it works. I’ve used it to scale my own business many times over. And it’s done the same for hundreds of my clients.

By releasing it out into the world like this, I know it will help a ton of other people. People like you. Folks who offer great products and services, but are having a hard time getting traction and generating enough cash flow to grow their businesses.

I think you’re really going to love this book – and I can’t wait to get a copy of it in your hands!

Booked is free through February 17, so be sure to click here to grab your complimentary copy today.

Josh Turner is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and the Founder of LinkedSelling, one of the fastest growing coaching and consulting businesses in the US (according to the Inc. 500).


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  5. Real Chartrand says:

    Thanks for the info Harv. as a former student of yours, I am finally getting back on my feet from the horrific wildfire we had in Fort McMurray Alberta back on May 3/16. I will get this book and pass this info on to two of my siblings and a friend. They have businesses and could use this type of knowledge. We shall see how it goes from here.

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  6. Vincent Chan says:

    thank you very much Harv! This is a piece of great sharing and the practice of giving without expectations. Thank you Josh Turner. Thank you! Thank you!

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  7. Nasiruddin says:

    Thank you Thank You Thank You! I’m starting a new business. This is just the thing I’ll need to make it a success from the start. Thanks a lot Josh Turner & the Great T Harv Eker!

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    1. T. Harv Eker says:

      If you click on the banner above and give you details Josh gives a video on how to download the book for free. Did you do that?

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  9. Hi Josh & Harv
    I’m in the process of setting my business up and want the strongest foundation I can build. Josh I look forward to your advice helping me in doing so. I want to stay in touch.

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    1. T. Harv Eker says:

      If you hit the unavailable page you can reach out to josh@linkedselling.com or try again we just got confirmation it’s working again

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