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4 Simple, Yet Extremely Effective Steps For Banishing Overwhelm & Staying Motivated With Your Goals

How often have you experienced overwhelm?

It’s a common occurrence in most people trying to achieve their goals. They start out big, full of energy, multitasking everything at the same… and then are surprised when they become completely exhausted, with a bunch of unfinished items on their to-do list.

Today I’m going to share four simple steps to help you move beyond the paralysis of overwhelm, so you can easily and quickly choose what to focus on in your own life and career (while staying highly motivated)!

1. Understand the root of overwhelm

Overwhelm is a form of fear. It’s simply a worry that you won't be able to get it all done.

If you can identify it and start to understand what it is as a form of fear, you can then begin applying some methods that work wonders for me.

The first method to use, the basic primer, is when those thoughts and feelings arise, simply say to yourself, “Thank you for sharing.”
Your mind is based in fear, and it does what it's naturally going to do, which is spring that fear on you and cause unnecessary overwhelm.

Your mind goes, “Oh my God, what if I don't get it done? This bad thing will happen, and that bad thing will happen.”

It's all fear — and once you understand this, it makes “overwhelm” a whole lot less scary.

2. Reassure your mind

Next, you’ll need to speak to your mind and set the story straight.

Remember, your mind is your bodyguard. You don't say, “Shut up,” to your bodyguard, do you?

Nope! Instead you say, “Thank you for sharing,” and then you’re going to give your mind what it needs: assurance.

Just as you would a child, you're going to assure your mind that everything will be okay.

Just tell your mind, “Everything will be okay,” and take a nice, deep breath. Simply by doing this, you will come back to the present moment.

So, notice the feeling, understand it’s fear, and then reassure your mind that everything is actually okay.

Simple, right?

You give your mind what it needs and wants, like a bodyguard: assurance. Then you say, “Everything is going to be okay.” Lastly, take a breath and come back to the present moment.

That's the method. That method will drastically improve your life.

Now, I don't want you to “kind of” do it. I want you to do exactly that. You assure your mind. You breathe, and you come back to the present.

Here's what's going to happen. The first time you do this, what do you think is going to happen? Your mind’s going to say, “Yeah, great. Yeah, but. Yeah, but…”

And when it keeps doing this, just keep telling it everything is okay, and watch as magic begins to happen.

3. Practice, practice, practice

If you want this to work, you're going to have to commit to doing one thing: practice, practice, practice.

Do you know what the good news is? The way your mind is, you are going to get to practice so much. You're not going to have to worry about a practice partner. Your mind is the best practice partner in the world, isn't it? It will keep on bugging you over and over and over again.

Eventually, you're going to get to control it just a little bit better with each passing day, and each week… IF you don't give in, IF you keep working on it.

If you’re going to converse with it and get into it with your mind, you're going to have a problem. Keep it short. Keep it simple. Take command just like a child.

You don’t want to say to a child, “Oh no! What did that guy do to you? Where did he hit you?” You're just going to irritate the child. You're going to make him even more mad. You're going to make him more upset.

Say, “Thank you for sharing,” give assurance, breathe, and then come back to the present moment. The result? More likely than not a much calmer, soothed child vs. an angry, frustrated one.

Again, it all comes down to practice, practice, practice!

4. Take it one step at a time

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

This is obviously the worst metaphor in the history of metaphors, but it's the one everybody uses!

Let’s say instead of buying one book you really want to read, you buy two or three at a time. What do you do?

Do you read them all at once? Not usually. You read one book and then the other.

It’s the same way in life: you need to be careful about not spreading yourself too thin, and be sure to give attention to the most pressing issues, and work through them logically and calmly.

So there you have it! If you follow the above 4 steps with ongoing PRACTICE, you’ll find yourself become infinitely more productive — and MUCH less affected by overwhelm or paralysed by anxiety.

Now, I’d love to hear from all of you! What do you personally use or do to help with overwhelm? We ALL experience this nagging, uneasy feeling in one way or another, so are you actively putting in the effort to try and better handle these situations? If not, I challenge you to try the above 4 steps this week and then share your experiences with me in the comments below!


For Your Freedom,

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32 thoughts on “4 Simple, Yet Extremely Effective Steps For Banishing Overwhelm & Staying Motivated With Your Goals”

  1. krishna RB says:

    This is true. This is the only way to handle the anxiety and overwhelming situations. Thank you for sharing.

    1. krishna RB says:

      You are Awesome

  2. GrissyG says:

    Love this, will practice it beginning now. 😉

  3. Food for thought here. Thank you Harv!

  4. Vangel says:

    Blessings thank you- i became familiar with this practice a few years now . I yse it in conjuction with breat work . Thank y for reminding us
    Love and light (:


    simple but powerful….

  6. Bárbara Navarro Bravo says:

    Thanks, Harv!!! From some time now, I’ve been doing step 2. We talk… And I realize nothing it’s sooo terrible… And i get more clear about important/urgent stuff.
    Buuuuut… It is a challenge to remember doing it… Practice, practice, practice… 😀
    Great to read you!

  7. Rico says:

    I felt better just reading them! Thank you for sharing! ; )

  8. Lindy Schneider says:

    This is great stuff! I would add that when I am fearful and overwhelmed I need to stop and thank God for the opportunities He has given me. I thank Him for my talents and abilities to fulfill the tasks at hand. I have found that gratitude and faith chase away fear and overwhelm. I just need to remember to DO IT! Your article was a reminder I needed today. I will practice, practice, practice. Thanks, Coach!

  9. Greg Thompson says:

    Harv, I use this technique as well and it works wonders. I keep it even simpler than that. When overwhelm comes I remind myself. “Everything IS ok.” this brings me right back to the “present.” Where everything IS ok just a slight tweak on “everything will be okay. Sometimes I use both!
    To everyone’s continued success! 🙂

  10. Dave Beech says:

    I just think to myself ‘Is anybody going to die if I don’t get this done? No. Is the whole world going to come grinding to a halt? No. Have I dealt with way worse s**t than this, and survived? Yes. Then f**k it.’ It always works for me. Especially when followed by a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. (I’m British, for Americans substitute coffee and a donut)

  11. Susie Howe says:

    Great topic today. Whenever I take on too much and feel overwhelmed I usually cannot sleep either. My mind is just going and then I have anxiety about not sleeping. So I get up, journal it all out which has helped me to release it all and go back to sleep. I remind myself that it will all get done one or the other. Thanks for your steps to peace.

  12. Sonia Pérez says:

    In some way, I always do these same steps, but in my own way, always giving thanks for what I have and how I’ve been growing, and be sure that everythings happens for a reason, and that is for the best, that way I don’t get overwhelmed. But, its true, that there are sometimes, that I fail to follow these steps, but tje important thing is, that I meditate and find again the way to feel free of overwhelming. Thanks for aall the sharing!

  13. I am truly convinced that everything happens for a reason and that everything falls in place as long as you attrack positivity.
    I talk very much with my parents who passed away, when they were alive they always supported me in everything I did.
    My father always said to walk straight up and keep my head up high. My mother always was a support when I started my business.
    So I know they still support me and with even much more power than they did here on earth.
    But even then the class I attended with Harv and the 7 days of no complaining had a great impact because we sometimes forget that we are blessed with the possibility of making something big only by really wanting it and doing the right things and keeping our mind positive.
    Fortunately I had very little time in my life where I myself needed people to pull me up, but I had several people in my environment whom I had to pull up and then you learn to be strong yourself and you will not allow yourself to be negative because you have to be there for the others.
    But in time you have to leave it behind you and it is not easy to let go of these people, because they are my closest friends and my son.
    But I am glad I did support them too, it made me stronger and I really am of help for them, my son is now strong and has his family and my beautiful grandchild is a fantastic kid

  14. Good stuff today Harv! This lesson hit me right where it counts. I had never considered that fear might be the root of overwhelm, but (like so many other truths) as soon as the idea was expressed it immediately made sense to me and seemed obvious. Great insight! This will help me be more productive and improve the quality of my life and the lives of those around me. Thank you thank you thank you.

  15. Ildiko Jakab says:

    Thanks Harv! It’s really true. From now I will take it seriously. Really, really, really.

    All the best

    Ildiko Jakab

  16. Ratikesh says:

    Thank you for the article. It (fear) exist in our life at every point. What you told is sure way to get over that fear. Saying everything will be OK relieves us but again mind ask one more question ‘HOW?’ . If we fail to solve this question then again fear takes charge over our mind. Please give your suggestions over the same.

  17. Lucille says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled across this. This was going on in me and I followed Harve’s steps. It works!

  18. Rasika says:

    I loved this article… Thank you Harv for sharing with us…

  19. Sarah says:

    Great insights. I think synchronicity is working as I read your paragraph about spreading yourself too thin, I have been stressing over having to cancel going to an event that I was really looking forward to.
    Due to work commitments, where my private practice is really picking up which is great, but I literally just emailed them to say I was unable to attend as spreading myself too thin, so just feels like meant to be. I need to let go.
    Many thanks and best wishes

  20. Brenna says:

    The only thing is, overwhelm isn’t always an emotional state. For some of us, it is a mental state. When your mind can’t focus and just jumps from one thing to the next faster and faster until eventually it is like the thoughts are in a whirlwind around you and you can’t even pull one out to deal with it. Believe me, THAT is overwhelming. Add to it the layer of fear not of being unable to get it all done, but that you are going to forget something really REALLY important (which indeed does happen), and you just feel like you’re drowning in it. I’ve tried making lists, but then I forget where I put them because my mind is in such chaos. :/

  21. Catalina says:

    Much appreciation for this lesson ~ I needed to hear it !

  22. luisa says:

    Thanks Harv, that”s exactly what is happening to us now, we are overwhelmed by so many activities that we wanted to accomplish yet getting so small result. Sometimes when cut-off is near we almost panic. Taking one step at a time is the best.

  23. saint says:

    Thanks for sharing Harv. Practicing this steps you listed have really helped my ability to remain calm and confident to the finish of what used to be an overwhelming experience to me. Gratitude Harv

  24. Christina Curry says:

    Thank you, Harv, for all the great information you pass on to us. It’s a blessing indeed. I look forward to the next piece of information with great anticipation. Keep up your wonderful work. With much gratitude, Christina Curry

  25. Claudia says:

    yes, so important: basically a thought is just a thought. you decide, wether and how you act on it. if you give energy to your thought by focussing on it or if you just let it pass by.

  26. Silvia says:

    I love this theme !!!! why?
    Many years ago a spiritual teacher taught me about this
    but PRACTICE PRACTICE & PRACTICE through time was the BIG key to make it effective.

    Till now I need practice but now I feel that I am the boss 😀

    thanks Harv for ur contribution

  27. Dee says:

    Love this! I have a habit of putting ‘too much on my plate’ as it were. I do prioritise the most important things and deal with things one at a time. However, I had not thought about overwhelm being related to fear. I have always gone at it with the belief that all will work out eventually, but with the mindset that it’s a battle to overcome. So, I believe I will get the work done (I always do) but do so from a place of force, as opposed to the method suggested in this post to thank my mind and to reassure it that all will be okay. I will use this approach instead. It is a much gentler and aligned way to go about things. Thank you, T Harv! Helpful as ever!

  28. Thanks for this Harv…you have helped me calm my anxious thoughts. I will continue to use this method along with my meditation and visualization techniques. Be blessed always.
    James F. Jeremiah

  29. Necole XO says:

    Perfect! I do this XO Thank you so much Harv ~ you are my mentor without knowing me! YET!

  30. Janet Gordon says:

    Whoa. J u st blown away on how your lessons just keep hitting spot on with my day, my mind. I didn’t connect fear with this either. Today hit me unexpected while stuck in traffic with an old man laying on his horn. Anxiety arose it’s ugly self and boy…im home now..but a big ugh! Fear?! Just wanted to cry. Then the thought came…become rich..hire a driver and never deal with that stuff again!! Yes!! Thanks so so much. Yes been soooo overwhelmed lately. Perfect lesson on a not so perfect day. Namaste.

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