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How To Fail The Majority Of The Time And Still Get Rich

Have you ever heard that old quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”?

This was said by ice hockey great Wayne Gretzky, and is a quote I always keep in mind. It’s a simple premise, but one that resonates with me to the core.

I recently stumbled across an email I wanted to share with you, which had a similar idea — although this time it was referencing basketball!

But the truth is, both Gretzky's quote and what I’m about to tell you can — and absolutely should — be applied to your financial success.


The Email That Could Change Your Life

The premise of the email was this:

The author researched the top 10 starters for the Eastern and Western All-Star basketball teams to find out how much money they made this year — which came to a whopping $224 million. Not bad for 10 players.

But the interesting thing was what he discovered about their average field goal percentage. By the way, if you’re not into basketball, this is the number of shots taken that fall into the basket, versus those that don’t make it in. Basically, how often the player is making the shot.

So now you’ve got these 10 guys making tens of millions of dollars a year each, and you’re probably thinking that their percentages are somewhere near 100%, right? Or surely around 90 or 80 at the very least?

Nope — almost the opposite.

The author found that these 10 All-Star players were an average of 48.8% from the field.

Isn’t that crazy? That means that these 10 superstar athletes aren’t even making  shots half the time. Compared to the 100% success rate the average Joe needs to achieve in his desk job, being an NBA ball player sure sounds like a breeze!


The Truth Behind All Epic Success Stories

But of course, it’s not quite this simple. And when you think about it, pretty quickly you can see why.

These high-level athletes — just as any CEO, entrepreneur or successful individual — spend their whole lives training to be the best. Not so they can have a perfect score percentage, but so they have the skills and experience to even get to play on that court.

See, although these athletes make their jobs look easy, it’s anything but. They’ve put in copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes to get to that point.

The years of training and commitment, missing out on parties, staying focused, and constantly honing their skills are why they’re at the level they’re at today — and this drive is priceless.

It’s the amount of time they spent improving themselves before the big game which commands their huge paychecks.

Now, ask yourself: what are you doing to improve yourself outside of your job? Beyond the basic requirements you need to meet to get your paycheck… how are you going above and beyond?


What Does This Mean For You?

The truth is, success isn’t a one-hit wonder; it’s a slow burn. Seemingly “overnight successes” are generally people who have been grinding for years before they made it big — even if it seems like it came easy.

So much of the success in the moment comes down to the hours, weeks, months, and years of dedication that have been put in before the first big paycheck.

On top of this, achieving the success you’re capable of relies on a thirst for growth, and the motivation to constantly better yourself.

And the rest is gravy!

As these big shot ball players show you don’t have to be perfect to get to where you want to be; in fact, you don’t even need to get half of the shots you take in.

But you do need to take a shot — and be ready for when your moment comes.


Your Next Steps

As I mentioned earlier, “the success you’re capable of relies on a thirst for growth, and the motivation to constantly better yourself.”

This boils down to two important steps.

First, don’t quit. You WILL reach any dream you strive for as long as you don't quit.

How badly do you want to achieve your dream? A simple wish won’t cut it. You need to have a big enough goal that will motivate you to keep going, even during times when all you feel like doing is give up!

Secondly, you must constantly be learning and growing as a person.

And the best kind of learning comes from real life experience. I hope you agree.

And when it comes to success, it’s no different: Experience is the best teacher.

The problem for most people is that their experience is full of struggle, frustration, dealing with one step forward and two steps back, and so on.

So you can either learn from your own experience and pray you’ll figure it out.

Or you can learn from someone who has been where you’re at and has found a formula to make millions and millions and millions of dollars.

On May 2nd, I hosted a web class called…

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Harv's decided to put on an ENCORE class to give everyone who missed it another shot to attend. It's happening Thursday, May 4th and hopefully this time around you can make it.

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How are you going above and beyond to achieve all-star success? What could you be doing more of to reach the upper echelons? Let us know in the comments below!

For Your Freedom,


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19 thoughts on “How To Fail The Majority Of The Time And Still Get Rich”

  1. SID says:

    I want to know more about your trainings

  2. jeng cua says:

    Hi Harv!
    I was in your webinar yesterday and it was a GREAT webinar call indeed! I totally agreed on experience is the best teacher. As long as you learn from your mistakes and continue to move forward nothing is impossible.

  3. ujagar singh says:

    A guy said to me recently: My stars are not good. I find most of the days in a week are adverse results on whatever I do. I asked him if that be so, he should be very happy as at least a few days that are good too and he should make the best use of them. He just threw his hands up…”No… no.. God doesn’t help me either.. I am tired of making prayers too. None succeeded.” I told him to forget about God for a while and think he is so lucky as all the days in a week are NOT bad… there are some good days too….
    Friend, life is a cafetaria… It has so much to offer… so much to pick and choose.. .It depends on what we need. really… many of us keep picking things that we don’t really need and we never stop the habit of picking excess than our needs…
    This is my view…This guy lacks self-confidence, and self- esteem and needs lessons to boost his self-worth…
    I would like to have your comments… as tomorrow is the Webinar.

  4. Jan says:

    In baseball, a .300 average hitter is considered a great hitter, even though he strikes out 7 out of 10 times. In all the years of NFL football, Tom Brady threw an incredible 28 touchdowns to two interceptions for the 2016 regular season, which is a new NFL record for touchdown to interception ratio. None of the other greatest quarterbacks in history did this and Brady did it at 39 years of age. In a pro boxing match, out of the thousands of punches thrown, very few are considered landed punches, so a boxing match is a failure by both boxers in that respect, even though they are among the greatest athletes in the world. In any sports you have to fail countless times to be considered at the top. Interesting how failure isn’t considered a bad thing in the sports world.

  5. Mbugua says:

    Great stuff. l fully agree with you. Keep up the good work.

  6. It makes sense to get better what to do especially if you like what you do.

  7. That’s a great perspective. About 20 years or so ago I heard an Exxon executive explain why his company was so successful in finding oil. He said, “We drill a lot of holes.”
    During some of my marksmanship training with the FBI my instructor showed me how to place my hands when firing using a doorway. I scratched my hand when the gun went off and when I remarked about it the instructor said, “So what?” I hit my target perfectly and all it cost me was a scratch. Do the work and succeed.

  8. Anna Lee says:

    Jesse and Harv,
    Your presentation May 2nd and this piece that you shared is helping me to take the fog away that has been around me for months in my business and goals for life. Thank you for the clarity. It will help me as I find the one focus that I need.

  9. Annette says:

    this is the essence of what I thought all the time, it is not as easy as hou said. But maybe as Joe said, we have a much too negative perception of the so=called failure.

  10. John Waite says:

    My next Goal is to earn enough money to purchase Harv’s course. I think i’ll always be skint unless i make this change.
    Kindest regards

    John Waite

  11. Trish says:

    This sounds great! I could use some encouragement!
    I have had many people trying to derail and sabotage my efforts.
    Thank you for being a positive ray of sunshine in a storm of negativity!

    1. Believe in yourself Trish, you deserve to live your dreams.

  12. Anne says:

    Hi Harv,
    does the training deal with mindset or is this for another course.

  13. nevila says:

    I agree with the author of this articles that what make you a successful man in the life is the persistence of ypur objectiv. More time you dedicate to your dream more are the possibilities that this comes true. So, what I wish to myself every day is don’t worry, be happy, the rest will come later .

  14. T Harv is one of the best trainers. I recently considered another trainer, however, I thought…I have learned so much here, that is so simple and it works. I am staying plugged in right here. Thank you so much.

  15. Beata says:

    I finally got fed up with trying on my own and purchased Harv’s course. Seminar made perfect sense, thank you for that.

  16. Rahul says:

    Great stuff. l fully agree with you. Keep up the good work.

  17. Thanks T. Harv and Jesse. This is Maureen here – from Singapore.

    I will have the book instead.

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