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How To Instantly Become Motivated

A question I frequently get asked by students from around the world that is so simple, yet very powerful is:

How do I go from being unmotivated to motivated?

The answer always boils down to only three letters and one word: Why?

Many people are unmotivated because they don’t have a why that resonates with them. They don’t have a REASON for being motivated. In other words, un-motivation is kind of an inertia.

The law of momentum states that a body in motion will tend to remain in motion and a body at rest will tend to remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.

This means you’ve got to get yourself moving in the direction you want! And that’s why you’ve got to have your why. You’ need to have your reason for why you want to do what you’re thinking of doing.

This can relate to wealth, health, relationships, moving cities, and changing jobs; it could be about anything, but the bottom line is you’ve got to have a why.

Jim Rohn once said, “The bigger the why, the easier the how”, meaning that if we have a good enough reason or a good enough purpose for doing something, the how will come. You’ll get it done and it doesn’t have to make sense.

There’s a story I once heard about a slender woman who was driving with her son. Something happened with the tire and when the son was trying to fix it, the jack fell and it pinned him under the car. He was losing his life and somehow this woman lifted up that corner of the car for him to get out. How crazy is that?

Scientists have done research on this because of the extreme creative ability that we have to recreate ourselves in times of need. In that case, it was the why or the reason.

Miracles can happen when you have a big enough why. Why is whatever you want important for you? Why is money important for you? Why is wealth important to you? Why is freedom important to you?

People ask me this question all the time. They say, “Harv, you went through so much struggle early on in your career. Why didn’t you give up?”

The answer is because I had a bigger why than any struggle that I could entertain or have come over me. My why, although not overly enlightened, was very simple: I needed to prove something to my parents.

I needed to prove that they were wrong when they told me I’d never amount to anything and that I’d be broke and begging them for money.

Again, it’s not enlightenment because it’s coming from fear. Once I started getting a little bit of a base of security in the financial element, though, my why turned into something different.

I wanted to be able to do what I wanted with my time, my energy and my life. I didn’t want to have to be beholden to anyone or anything and I just wanted to be free.

All I wanted was freedom, so that became my why. Then I became fully financially free.

Let me give you one more clue here about your why, because it’s one of the most important things you can ever do. First, your why should have two sides to it. First is you. What is this doing for you? Why for you? Second, your why has to be bigger than you.

It’s why for yourself and then why for something bigger than you, whether it’s your community, your country, your team, your office or the people in your business, a charity or a wellness situation.

If you have those two why’s, one for yourself and one to help others or the world, you’ll be motivated.

Without a why, you will be unmotivated. It’s as simple as that.

The question is what is your why? Why do you do what you do? Why do you want to be successful? Why do you want a great relationship with your family, friends, or significant other? Why do you want freedom? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

For Your Freedom,

If success is important to you,
then having a strong ‘why’ is the most
important thing you can do.Want help discovering your TRUE why?

Then join me on my web class, “Passion, Purpose And Profits.”

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55 thoughts on “How To Instantly Become Motivated”


    I really want to have my financial freedom and I wanted it since I was 15 years old. I had to break a lot a chains from my past and I have really done it. The only chain that is left to break is the one that does not let me be financially free. I know that since I was born I kept all that knowledge, specially from my parents, that has been an obstacle to my purpose. I am working right now in how I can change that program to a new one, and I am studyin your book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Thank you very much.

    1. Tony says:

      HI ulises,

      I have similar problem. I believe I can make it to being financially free, but the process of doing it sometimes demoralises me.

      Which steps do you think taking for achieving that goal?


      1. bjay says:

        Guys, you don’t have a problem!

        You’re in a SITUATION where you have created in the past few days, months and or years.
        Obstacles are actually BUILDING BLOCKS toward success.
        You need to change the way you think.
        Your thoughts become your world.

        I hope that gives you a little bit of light in your head.

        NO PROBLEM!
        You’re in a SITUATION! 🙂


    I am really excited on this knowledge from your book and will keep studying it so I can obtain results, one at a time.

  3. Tony says:

    Dear Harv,

    I struggle between defining my Want.

    – Is it better to have a strong WHY (ie. financial freedom) or to have a strong WANT (ie. right vehicle)



    1. Mark says:


      The why is the thing. You say you want a vehicle. OK Why? The ‘right vehicle’ provides you with something? Status, transportation, a way to get around, coolness, etc…

      That is what you are looking for, not the car.

      Then go a step further, why do you want that feeling, what will that bring? See how far you can drill down. When you can’t go any further, you may have your why. Or it may be simply be step closer and you need to look at your next ‘want’, and do the same thing.

      1. Jim says:

        Yeah the needs and wants are pretty much in the same category but the Why is all buy its self

  4. yaseen shubair says:

    Need is the mother of Inventions
    my strong why is freedom and doing long lasting charity act that runs while serving others at the same time.

  5. Really excited about the fact that your “WHY” evolves with your growth and performance. This provides for continuous learning and improvement towards your “self-actualisation”. First things first. Getting rid of the inertia and getting in motion towards your goals.

  6. Jeannette says:

    I struggle to figure out my why. Would love input.

  7. Frank Rosebrock says:

    I don’t know why, because I can deal with any of life’s challenges and circumstances. I have no reason to get to somewhere else. though I have some desires. But it seems they are not strong enough. So just stay where I am and enjoy what I can? Is that the solution?

  8. Tony says:

    I want to reach 1 million dollars within 3 years, but I have a lot of limiting beliefs around being able to make money.
    Anyone has advice here?

  9. Nadège says:

    My WHY is always the same one for a few years, since I realized that I wasn’t free! : FREEDOM. Freedom do do exactly what I want to do, when and where I want to do it, and do it with the people I love. If I am free, I can help others to become free too. Exactly what you are doing with us. Thanks a lot from Toulouse (France).

  10. Why!!! Where How You!!! My definition, strong identity based on purpose not needs. Where are your dreams? I come from my dreams. How do you get it? By being focus on doing what ever it takes, mean “action” step by step. The only way to avoid ego and get materialization. Yes?

  11. Ram Ganesh says:

    If you have a “why” you can do it “anyhow!”

  12. carmen rosa carrillo galvis says:

    hola, me gusta leer tus consejos. pero tengo una limitacion con el idioma. quiero saber si das conferencias en español?
    mil gracias.
    feliz dia

  13. Sandra says:

    My ”Why” is like Harv’s, I want to prove to my parents that I’m capable of much more…My second ”why” is for my husband who supports me with what I do, even if it may go nowhere, I love them all very much

  14. Deborah Vizzi says:

    I am currently taking one of your courses. Today You have inspired me to sit down an positively spell out my “what do I want” and WHY I want it. It’s kind of hard and I think a lot of us don’t think to consciously to do this. Maybe we feel unworthy? Thanks for all you do Harv.

  15. Alexandra says:

    I have been a energy healer all my life. I have helped pull cancer out. Helped a child walk. Helped people quit smoking and quit major drug addictions. Etc,,
    My why is I want to live financially free and comfortable. This enables me to achieve bigger projects of healing and put in motion the projects i have in mind to help people in need on a larger scale. My why is the love for humanity.Also to be a major contributor to the wellbeing of this planet.

  16. Marty Neider says:

    So simple, yet….Okay, my “why” is to be financially free so I don’t have to “just get by day by day.” My bigger “why” is so I can help my family and friends.

  17. belquis trillos says:

    hola, buenos días
    Tan sencillo pero difícil de hacer cuando no tenemos la capacidad de mantener vivo el porque hacemos las cosa a diario, si la razón principal por la que hago las cosas día a día, se olvida, nunca llegare al objetivo.
    Soy medico de profesión y actualmente ejerzo mi carrera, recuerdo muy bien cuando me disponía todos los días a la universidad, no era fácil , pero siempre pensaba que algún día llegaría a tener mi titulo, eso me motivaba a no fallarme.
    Aun no tengo libertad financiera trabajo día a día para lograrlo y mi gran motivación es viajar, tener una vida donde no sea empleado, donde pueda ayudar a otras personas y donde yo pueda decidir que hago en mi vida sin esperar a que un jefe imparta una orden para mi.
    Estudio su libro, que es muy interesante.

  18. Catalina says:

    Great Lesson ~ THANK YOU !

  19. juan carlos zuñiga says:

    When your words of wisdom fall into a mind, but this does not have space for her, it is because she does not believe or does not want to believe.

  20. Lilit says:

    Agree , we can never be motivated if we have not reason and a big WHY for it !!! I always say people need not motivation trainings if they know clearly what do exactly they want. It is a big motivation and inspiration

    Thanks Harv

    You are right as always

  21. cindy says:

    my biggest struggle AS I have to find a job or else ….the biggest thing is when your insides are in conflict with your other world. I was just telling someone that with all the resumes I have out I have to wait for someone to validate me and say OK your the one. I dont want to be at the mercy of anyone…HOW DO I CHANGE THAT? …SO ALL MY inner desires of greatness just get squashed, I lose ambition, and I return to the rat race running like everyone else. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions???thanks

  22. Gani says:

    I have been working in the corporate word for more than a decade and I knew from the start it wasn’t for me. I have an artistic mind, I write poems, songs and I’m very good at dancing especially my traditional music. My Why is to be free and do what I really love and unite my people( in process if possible

  23. I have a deep-seated need to help others and I know how I intend to do it. My problem is one of lack of ambition for my own needs. As soon as I have enough money, I tend to sit back and live off it until I am in a difficult situation. Then fear forces me to do something.

  24. Loved your post and so I decided to write down something simple without a lot of fanfare as I have in the past. On one side of a little card I wrote: What’s my WHY? and on the other side I wrote.
    Health – to be more productive.
    Productive – to make money.
    Money – to have freedom.
    Freedom – to live without worry.
    These have many more meanings to me but I wanted to keep it really simple so I can look at it often, to remember where I am going.

  25. Ole Bolobilwe says:

    I want the freedom and the capacity that comes with being financially free. I want to be able to impact all the areas that are important in my life – family, society and I can only do that if I am completely free time wise and resource wise.

  26. Rasool khazaee says:

    Me why I having the financial freedom for myself and helping to resolve the problems of my people in the city.
    Thanks a lot from Kermanshah(Iran).

  27. Kabanza says:

    My double “WHY” why I am committed to be very successful and financially independent are: I want to stand as a role model in my community. In my community and my country at large, there is a myth saying: if you have been a Catholic Priest and you decide to leave the priesthood, God will punish you, you can’t succeed in life because you have disobey God and dishonor your community. I want to defy and prove them wrong, and stand as a role model. I also want to master the “ways” to success so that, in my turn, I become a teacher, better say, a Coach for many other people.

  28. Joseph says:

    Thank you Harv,
    It is always a great motivation to read your articles.
    On my why, it is exactly the way you put it. I need to succeed and be useful to my generation as there are innumerable needs and sufferings around the world that require kind hearted individuals to address as much as possible. The level of joblessness among the youth in my continent of Africa is also why I want to be able to create jobs for the youth in Africa and the world over.
    I am sure you are already creating jobs for us around the world through what I call your coaching materials and books. I want to join your league – this is my why.
    Best of regards.

  29. My why for doing what I am doing is to become popular in the world which gives me self satisfaction and other why is to help people around the globe to solve their problems and make their life better faster.

    I am currently working hard to become a trainer, consultant and coach.

  30. Annette Zoheret says:

    To show my children that anything is possible as long as they believe it is and are willing to put in the work. I want to be the light to show them the way.
    I also want the kind of abundance that allows me to fulfill the dreams of my family and friends, to support organizations that promote music and art, to help others (animals and people) in times of need.
    Those are my WHYs 🙂

  31. dian says:

    My “why” is financial freedom…just wanting to enjoy life without having to worry about money. I also want to give back to my community. I am passionate about youth development and have been researching a strategy to start my own business (online). Keeping constant motivated mind is a challenge…sometimes I feel lost, not knowing what to do or where to start…other time i know what to do but lose the drive.

  32. Karin says:

    Great article! I couldn’t agree more. Know your why!
    Once I understood the importance of this it helped me tremendously in shaping my life and career.
    Here is one of my favorite videos on the subject.

  33. Christine Hollis says:

    Harv, your “why” resonates with me in a big way…I want to be able to do what I want with my time, my energy and my life. I don’t want to be beholden to anyone or anything and I just want to be free. My why is to be debt-free, owing no one anything! I want to go where I want, do what I want, buy what I want, eat what I want, and live as I want. ‘Nuff said.

  34. Maryann says:

    My why is to retire my husband, to show all the doubters and nay sayers that I can do it and to be an inspiration to my children and most of all to women over the age of 50 (I’m 58) that it’s never to late to shoot for the stars and go after your dreams!

  35. Tessa Welch says:

    I struggle with my why. I want financial freedom, better relationship with my family, etc., but my belief that I’m not good enough, that I won’t succeed keeps me from moving forward. I have fought for so long, I’m just tired of fighting a losing battle. That is stronger than my why. 😢

  36. Rex says:

    This is a great, if not frustrating question, and I have only been able to come up with one answer so far.

    That is to see how much knowlege I can absorb through education and observation in a lifetime.
    I seem to have lost the edge to be the richest chicken crossing the road. While the best of material possession is impressive, I don’t seem to want the highest house on the hill, nor the biggest boat in the harbour.
    Wealth is transient. Money, unlike gold has no glitter.
    Where do I go from here?

    1. Linda says:

      I understand your predicament
      I am also financially well off
      And do not have the desire I used to before. I had the idea to start another religion of love and caring for the homeless
      Yet is a lot of work….now I just help others financially helping them. Not enough?
      Is it selfish to just want to enjoy retirement? Do only reading? Writing, painting?
      Dancing? Playing music? Traveling?

  37. FREEDOM. That’s why. 🙂

    1. Linda says:

      One is never totally free
      There are always taxes……..

  38. Mogens says:

    I got my financial freedom. Unfortunately I did not lead to emotional freedom as I am not enjoying what I do to make that money. My emotional “Why” was not defined only the financial. So now my path is to create new streams of income, so that I can let go of this current one or perhaps alter it into a more beneficial.

  39. Sandra says:

    The reason why I have the desire to be paid abundantly as an Artist is, that it would prove the value of my work and therefore my worthiness . The bigger picture, why the success in this field is so important for me is, that I want to make the creator or source energy through my work experienced for the world , as I believe it reminds us about who we truly are , infinite love & Light .
    When I reflect why it did not happen yet , I feel being to different and undeserving to make money with something t hat is so joyful and easy for me to do .
    Blessings to You All .

  40. Hello All,

    I’m August from Malaysia.
    The big WHY. It is very important and i 100% agree to this theory myself.
    I involved myself into network marketing business because i know i’ll be a whole different person from inside out and i did! Looking back 3 years ago and now, i changed alot. I’m grateful for that.
    WHY do i want to get rich? It’s simple, if i don’t get rich myself, how am i able to teach others to get rich? We have enough poor people already. Time to earn some real money!

    THANK YOU Harv!

    1. Linda says:

      To be rich of spirit is important as well

  41. Luis Eduardo says:

    Hola, Usted llego en un momento de mi vida muy dificil, ya era micro empresario y al conocerlo pude afrontar situaciones dificiles con vuestras lecturas y ayudas, hoy sigo luchando y creciendo, y esta leccion de hoy me hizo recordar el momento dificil pasado en lo familiar, que de alguna forma pude salir adelante con las heridas, ha sido un pilar en mi planeacion familiar y de negocios,muchas gracias.

  42. Francisco Valencia says:

    Hi Harv,
    My Why is to prove myself how far I can go and prove others How strong I am, and I like to thank you very much on How your knowledge and teaching help me a lot.

  43. bill says:

    Yo no soy marinaro, soy capitan.

  44. Linda says:

    Well I am a millionaire
    Not a multi millionaire
    And I have freedom with my time and money. I do not have a why to motivate me to become a multi millionaire to help others. I help financially some charities. It seems is too much work to start another organization now……. is it selfish? To just want to enjoy my life after many years of work? I am retired now…..

  45. Francesco from Italy, Rome! says:

    I’m not financially free yet! I’m working hard to reach it! why?
    to prove to my family that I can do it! Second, to be free of doing what I want with my time and money, 3rd to help others ! sorry for my English I’m still learning…

  46. Daniel Astorga says:

    Gracias Harv!!
    Justamente anoche pensaba y decía no importa el como, lo que importa es el porque!!
    Mi porque para crear riqueza lo divido en dos partes.
    La primera por mi libertad! Yo quiero ser quien tome las desiciones de lo que hago con mi vida y con mi tiempo. Además que gran parte de mi motivación es el amor a una mujer Harv, ciertamente no tengo mi meta puesta en ella, pero si quiero tener el tiempo de estar con ella cuando queramos.
    Otra parte del porque es el que quiero enseñar a la gente a salir de la pobreza, quiero enseñarles métodos y más aún entregarles motivación y herramientas para que lo puedan hacer, así como lo hice yo!
    Por mi libertad!!!
    Gracias Harv And Jesse

  47. Steve says:

    I think the question “Why?” Should be asked anywhere between 4-7 times.

    “I want to be financially indepenent” – Why?
    “So I don’t have to worry about my future” – Why?
    “So I can do what I want when I want” – Why?
    “Because I want to be able to take care of myself” – Why?
    “Because taking care of me benefits the people around me (i.e. wife, kids) – Why?
    “Because they are important to me”

    Drill down to the core WHY

  48. Rahman Schionning says:

    I wanted to be a car designer, I read your book and decided to put making money on hold to achieve that dream. I had support to go to Art Center, the best car design college in the world but that was withdrawn by my co-signer and now I’ve had to drop out. I’ve been feeling like my dream is dead. I picked up your book again today and read the part on fear. I’m scared to act but I also want to become really rich so I can make my dream happen another way. I think my personal why is so I don’t feel crap about my past and choices. My second why is so I can help the world change and save itself. I keep getting up full of energy but then get lost in my thoughts and fears every day… Work in Progress!

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