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Learn Why It’s Important To Make Mistakes And How You Can Use Them To Drastically Improve Your Chances Of Success

The textbook definition of “straight” is something that has no bends, angles or curves. Can we apply that same definition to life? Absolutely NOT!

There really isn’t such thing as “straight” in the universe. At the core of everything – including us – is energy, and energy doesn’t travel straight. It travels in waves. Imagine throwing a pebble into a lake, watching the ripples gliding across the surface.

Right after you throw your pebble, someone else also tosses a pebble in the same lake, and now the ripples from that pebble collide with the ripples from yours. That’s how everything in this universe works.

People, events, actions and reactions are constantly colliding, creating new pathways, new situations, new circumstances and new actions. The chaos of life makes it almost impossible for anyone to always go “straight” to where they planned.

Some people thrive on chaos and change, but most people don’t. They get frustrated, down, and ready to throw in the towel because they usually have expectations, and these expectations are usually almost impossible to meet.

We might as well just accept it: the road to success comes with twists, turns, ups, downs, stops and reverses. Once we really understand and accept this, we’re less likely to be deluded into having unrealistic expectations that there’s a straight line to the top.

So when we come across bumps, flat tires, and raised bridges along the way, we won’t be so quick to get upset or give up. Getting off track is normal and therefore “perfect”.

You have to expect to spend a great deal of time making mistakes – or if it sounds better – “making corrections”. There’s a reason why perfectionists have a hard time being highly successful. Perfectionism is a form of fear, based on fear of failure or the fear of disapproval.

If perfectionists don’t get it exactly right, then they don’t have to finish, follow through, and move on. They get to stay stuck “until it’s right,” but of course it’ll never be right, so they never have to face the possibility of rejection or disappointment.

We need to consider mistakes – rather than something to be avoided at all costs – instead as “feedback.” Mistakes are our perfectly natural learning curve. They are the feedback we need to get ourselves back on track.

Then we can do the same thing we already know we need to do in order to keep moving forward: take action! Those actions will produce results, and sometimes more mistakes. Then we just get that feedback, use it to correct our course again, and then take more action.

This is the non-linear cycle toward success. As long as you use this cycle – and persevere – it’s virtually impossible to fail.

Remember, we’re all ripples in the lake of the universe. You never know how a comment, observation, or shared experience can change the course of your life or another’s!

Now it’s your turn! What are your stories about the ‘bumpy’ road to success? What unexpected events – totally beyond your control – have happened to you? How did you react? Did it set you back or help you move forward with new and better actions? How did you deal with the setbacks or successes?

For Your Freedom,

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the road to success can result in a lack of confidence
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23 thoughts on “Learn Why It’s Important To Make Mistakes And How You Can Use Them To Drastically Improve Your Chances Of Success”

  1. Lesedi says:

    The lesson is very powerful and common to everyone in the world, which most people go through everyday of their lives and think possibilities are impossible while the reality is that there is nom perfectionism. Keep on posting more powerful lessons

  2. Mbugua says:

    Thanks Harv.

  3. Forozan says:

    Super read! Thats exactly what i thought that success waa perfect! Amazing amazing amazing!

  4. Marjo Kandelin says:

    Hi from Finland!
    First, I have to thank You Harv for your amazing, loving way to share everything You have experienced! It has helped me a lot. Though I am a “fighter” myself, Life has given me such huge challenges, that I almost gave up. Now, when I found You and people from Mindvalley, I know, I am going to work and I am going to succeed! I am a coach and a therapist. I have also been working as stewardess in Finnair, when I was younger. But, I suffered from SAV 2012 (blood in brains). I had 3 operations, but I survived, thanks to great Doctors and Nurses (and God). It was also because of my positive attitude – I decided that I am NOT going to give up! I am totally ok now. Everybody tells me it was a Miracle.
    I also divorced that Year 2012, because I didn`t want to stay in that relationship any moore. I´m independent now, and I have three beautiful, adult Daughters, who I am so proud of.
    But, I have not found that kind of positive “boost” here in Finland than I find in Your lessons. My Life is in turning point just now. So, it was not a coincidence, that i found You. I know, that Universe gives to those, who are open to listen. And I am listening…
    Warm Greetings from Finland,
    Marjo Kandelin

    1. Francoise says:

      Hi there,
      that is all completely true, I also am at a turning point of completely broke to growing rich.
      Why because I always asked the Angels to guide me to the people that can help me and then Harv came up with these very powerful lessons.
      I am grateful for that and I have now the power to go to the finish.
      I also had my ups and downs and always learned from it and by being creative my partner and I are now ready to make the big turn, and yes I have also been a fighter.
      I will never give up, no matter what.
      What’s the use of giving up after struggling for 14 years, everything we learned is completely wasted then.
      We have a beautiful concept to bring out to the market and we will succeed, no matter what.
      As we see it now, the curves in the straight line are getting less, so it means we are getting closer to success.
      Thanks Harv

  5. Teresa says:

    Exactly what I needed to hear today…thanks!

  6. Carlos says:

    Hi from Spain.
    I just want to thanks as after so many years I am now learning fron my inside. I am 59 years old, so many mistakes and broken 2 times (I lost my 2 companies). I am finally believing the problem is not outside but inside me. My thoughts were directing my life but I never followed me, my really me. Thank you for helping and contributing with your motivating, clear and energysing lessons and charing with us your very personal experiences.
    With my best and kind regards

  7. Katerina says:

    Harv, this lesson is a poem!!! Like great masters are described: “when HE spoke people heard music “.
    How wonderfully tuned!

  8. I think how we are affected by mistakes depends on our concept of self. When we ‘think’ our self-worth is based on what we do, what we experience, and the data we collect in our brains, we tend to fear making mistakes as this can then affect how we feel about our ‘self’. A mistake can be a direct affront to our ‘self’ value, how we feel.
    Whereas, when we know that we are more than our experiences and collected memories, mistakes do not have any effect on our concept of ‘self’ and how we feel.

  9. Lamar says:

    I just wanted to know how do people like Floyd mayweather become so successful at what they do and become the greatest at what they do I know Floyd has said he made a lot of mistakes outside the ring but what makes people like him undefeated.the reason I asked is because I’m a perfectionist I have failed a lot but it makes me want to win even more I don’t know how to get rid of that perfectionist mindset I just want to be the best everytime I lose I get inspired to want to win even more and I always have high expectations.

    1. Maria-Paz Acchiardo says:

      Lamar in my experience there is some underlying fear when I react like you describe . Beeing perfect, great and an achiver gave my a lot of apreciation and positive response as a child. So I belived I got love as a result of my actions. But the truth is that I was loved anyhow, just for being who I was. But I belived it hade to be depended on what I did so I went for it and became very succefull as a child. So I dont know about you but there could fear of loosing love underneth. Same thing on the other extrem if you “failed” in the eyes of others sometimes and were punished. Then why would you want to go there again? It could hurt of opurse so you rader be “perfect” to spare you pain. But this are just memories not who you truly are.

      Hope it servs you in any way. If you stay with the unpleasent feeling it might bring upp some memories and you can see the situation from here now as an adult, safe and confident on being able to help yourself to freedom from old scary memories. They are just old thought that create feelings but the are not you. You are that wich is seeing it all.
      Big hug and take care!

  10. Matheus says:

    Thank you, Harv. One of the best articles I have ever read.

  11. JAYSON says:

    really yes. use our challenges as a stepping stone towards success.

  12. Lilit says:

    Agree in 💯 % with every single expression, Harv!!
    Which refers to me it is along time I studied to meet my fears , fails, obstacles face to face and really appreciate them, because of them now I am absolutely other person, nobody can ba real successful unless he didn’t make more mistakes and had big problems, because we become smarter and stronger only in case of solving the problems!!
    If you want to have a big present you must be ready to solve a big problem, this is my device !!

    Thank you

  13. Shilpa says:

    Thanks a ton Harv! I so needed to learn this lesson, often used to wonder in-spite of discovering my life’s purpose, why am not constantly getting ahead on the right track. Thanks again for guiding us in the most righteous manner that how universe actually works.

  14. Rick Dumas says:

    Harv, you can tell a lot about people in the way these feel about and handle mistakes. This would make a great question to ask in a job interview.

  15. Hi Harv from Venezuela. I was read your book Secrets of the Millonaire Mind but don’t have money for buy it. i like this article.
    Thanks you Harv for you amazing article, it is a poem.
    Regards from Venezuela.

  16. Susie Howe says:

    Great topic! I love the commercial about “re-calculating”, it is a great reminder of adjustments along the way. I’m grateful for my mistakes in life, I’ve grown because of them and I am grateful that I am not afraid to go make them. Along the way I have learned to clap for my mistakes.

    In recovery, they teach progress not perfection. Thanks for the great share!

  17. Great insights. Harv, I am listening to Secrets of the Millionaire Mind in my car and I am working through your Spiritual Millionaire program. Both programs are thought changing and transformational. I am so grateful for your ideas and teachings.

  18. D. Duggan says:

    Your lessons & book have really put my business on the fast track! First, thank you for that!!! I went from flat broke and going without lunch so my dogs could eat to supporting my life in a business no one would expect, in a place no one would expect such a business to exist! I was able to carve a career I wanted literally out of thin air, and it’s moving so fast! You are giving me so much inspiration with your marketing course–I can literally feel the business growing and taking on new forms! Here’s my mistake story: Recently, I took on another business relationship which I thought was mutually beneficial and ended up being a mistake which landed with many things happening beyond my control. I reacted quickly by picking up the pieces and overcompensating where the other person’s mistakes took me as best as I could, with as much ethics as possible regarding the customers (many of whom were angry, but they understood things were beyond my control). I am simply moving forward step by step. I know what I can deliver, and that’s what I will have confidence delivering to my clients, and have never had one that wasn’t satisfied. It is the most important thing in the world to me to have overjoyed clients. This was a valuable lesson that will save me hours or heartache in the future that will not be repeated. Now I know (the hard way) that I need to keep this person at more of an arm’s length, while not totally burning the bridge, the business just can not have its name attached to these kinds of (totally avoidable) issues. It was nice to have a person I thought I could relate to in this lonely field, but for right now it’s best to just grow with the proven insight you are providing and go in that direction. Perfect subject for me today, thank you again for your valuable insight!!!

  19. D. Duggan says:

    Babies don’t learn to walk without falling on their butts… 🙂

  20. Phuong Thuy says:

    Thank you T. Harv Eker !
    I’m from Vietnam.On March, 2017,I learned The Millionaire Mind course of Mr. Robert. And i’m very happy because i have learn more things that course. I’m not speak English fluently, so i want to study English well to heard your lesson more and more. And i also want to have more foreign friends to learn well.
    Thank you so much again!

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